Weight loss surgery for teens?

on 7/26/21 6:44 am

I have a 16 year old nephew that is very overweight. He knows about my decision to have weight loss surgery and is asking questions about the different surgeries. I am wondering if its a good idea for a teenager to consider surgery?

on 7/26/21 8:00 am

I honestly think that depends on his immediate health and a recommendation by a doctor(s).

Citizen Kim
on 7/26/21 9:28 am - Castle Rock, CO

Children's Hospital here in Colorado have an adolescent weight management program that includes WLS if appropriate. They do programs that include the whole family for the best chance of success.

It's awesome and I would highly recommend you see if your local children's hospital has a similar program.

It's a big step for a teen and I would not recommend any program that is cut and run.

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on 7/27/21 2:49 am
VSG on 01/28/16

If you can get the surgery for him, I would do it immediately - however, educate them on what they can and can't do. I only wish I hadn't lived more than half my life overweight and all the problems that came with it.

on 7/30/21 11:50 am

I have been thinking the same when he talks to me...so many things he will miss out on and the health issues he will have if he continues to gain weight and even maintain his current weight.

on 7/30/21 11:45 am

Thanks for the information. An adolescent program would be ideal. Especially like the one you described! My sister and her husband are looking into it.

on 7/30/21 5:35 pm

MKMGirl, all need to know it is not an easy fix. there are other programs one in Memphis did some selected surgeries on teens.2 decades ago.. is life changing in many ways... totally changes morbidities. Young man will need lots of emotional support and counseling- the changes can occur so fast- hard for an adult to process obesity clinic best place to start.

on 7/27/21 4:03 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

I think it really depends on the teen, how mature they are and how well they cope with challenges. In any case, I think now is an excellent time for him to get involved with a good programme and begin working toward the goal of surgery. A good programme should include at least one visit with a psychologist, plus some work with a dietician.

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