My insurance will not pay for my excess skin that hang down to my knees

on 8/1/21 5:22 pm
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I don't know why My insurance will not pay for my excess skin that hang down to my knees it hard for me to walk.

on 8/2/21 4:26 am - Putnam, CT
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Unfortunately most insurances will not pay for excessive skin removal unless you have documented issues with it. Like rashes, sores, etc. Sometimes with a write letter from your doctor documenting the issues you have they may cover the removal. Many people just save money to have it done themselves.

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It may depend on what insurance you have. A lot will count that as cosmetic, instead of health-related, which is completely stupid. I would fight it if I were you. My friend, who had the same problem had to fight for it to be done for her. After several medical reports sent, and other things, she was able to get it done, FINALLY! What I would do is find out, and speak to whomever you have to, to see what it takes for it to become a medical necessity, and what proof they require, then go about getting such documents/items. If worse comes to worse, and if you could afford it, I would search around different insurances, talk with them, and see if there are any that allow that surgery to be done, as well as the requirements, and if you have to wait so long for it to kick in, in order to get the procedure. No matter what, don't give up hope. Fight until you get what you want. It might be a tough fight, but it will feel soooooo good once you get that panis apron removed...Later, if you are able to afford it, then you can work on the cosmetic abdominoplasty if you want to change it, or they could only take so much off, per insurance regulations. You'll persevere, I have a feeling you got the fighting spirit to get it done. Good luck, and hope this helped some!


Even after several years, still taking it a day at a time. No matter what, though, I'm here if you need me!

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on 8/2/21 6:31 am

You have had some great responses. Consider all of your options. Do you have home equity or retirement funds that you can borrow for the surgery? Look into a medical credit card. Explore options in Mexico. Consult with other surgeons, even if you pay a fee to do it. Some surgeons are better with insurance than others.

Looking and feeling healthy is something worth paying for if you can find a way. One of my friends spent about $35000 on lower body lift, breast inplants, and repairs to her arms and legs. Her husband said it was worth every penny and he enjoys it more than the car that they would have spent the money on.

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RNY on 01/01/14

You have to get with the right bariatric team first ... who KNOW from extensive experience how to present your case for approval to your insurance company.

That said - you will NEVER be happy with strictly health related results .

OBVIOUSLY you probably need an apron removal and liposuction and a navel repositioning and probably an upper and lower tightening to achieve the flat abdomen you deserve .

All of this might be far cheaper and more affordable in Mexico . There are GREAT, SAFE and awesome plastic surgeons there post op patients ( like myself ) can recommend wholeheartedly.

Janet P.
on 8/12/21 5:30 am
On August 2, 2021 at 12:22 AM Pacific Time, Hockeymom87 wrote:

I don't know why My insurance will not pay for my excess skin that hang down to my knees it hard for me to walk.

Where do you get your insurance from? A job? I can tell you my story and if it's similar to your situation, there may be a chance.

When I realized I needed/wanted plastic surgery I found a surgeon who specialized in bariatrics. After meeting with them and documenting everything, taking pictures and the doctor writing a letter, we submitted to insurance and they turned me down. When I went to my company's Benefits person, it turned out that our insurance was "self funded" and that I could appeal to the company directly, which we did and were successful!! My insurance covered my tummy tuck. I paid out of pocket for a breast lift and I believe (at the time) my out of pocket was about $5K (co-pays plus the surgeon's fee for the lift).

You really have nothing to lose (except your panny) to contact your HR person and start the conversation. Good luck.

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