What's the worse that can happen?

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I don't plan on stop taking my vitamins, but curious to know what's the worse that can happen? I hate separating pills each week and trying to find deals on them. I find walgreens to be helpful with buy one get one half off or free plus I can use rewards. There's just days where I wish I didn't have so many medications to take = 12. I have to use the 4 slot 7 day a week pill holder to keep it all figured out.

I agree exactly with what partlypollyanna said.

reslly bad things can happen like memory loss, brain drag, loss of your muscle function. Considering your heart and lungs are muscles you don't want to go there.
I had a near fatal heart episode when I had salmonella snd couldn't eat drink or take any vitamins. In just three weeks of that, I was rushed to the hospital where I was found to be depleted of calcium folic acid snd many other hormones. I was having a neat fstsl heart arrhythmia and found to be in early renal failure. I was given massive amounts of iv supplements over the course of a week in the hospital.
don't go there. Don't even think about it. You knew this was necessary. Do the right thing, forever, for yourself.




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VSG on 06/11/18

You say you take 12 medications a day. I assume they're not all vitamins?!! After my VSG I was advised to take a multivitamin, and they check my bloods yearly to see if I have any deficiencies. I'm 3 years out, and the multivitamin is still the only supplement I need -- and I'm vegan. I also took a PPI (these medications usually end in -zole) for the first two years.

I am not suggesting that you stop taking any of your vitamins, but you might discuss with your medical team if you really still need everything you're taking. If those 12 medications are all (or even mostly) vitamin or mineral supplements, and you don't have any malabsorption issues, that might be more than you need.

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VSG on 08/17/20

Yeah I take more then vitamins. The most important medication I take is Warfarin- blood thinner for my factor 5 leiden. I do have Celebrate vitamin in my cabinet which would eliminate all vitamins except iron. I'm just waiting until I run out of my vitamins to try it out. Kind of nervous because I heard it tastes bad- chalky.

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VSG on 10/31/16

Between post-surgical lifetime vitamins and supplements, and prescription medication, I take 14-16 pills per day (depends on how many pain pills I have to take, and whether or not I need a sleeping pill). I realized very soon after surgery that it's just a fact of life, and I budgeted it in my finances because it's a forever thing. My labs are always good, so I'm never sorry for the expense as the alternatives I've read here for people who stop taking their vitamins and supplements is unthinkable.

I, too, got so tired of the daily/weekly pill container filling, so I opted for this system. I just have to sit down once a month and it's sooooo much better!

MedCenter 31 Day Pill Organizer

The 4 sections are big enough to hold large pills in addition to my calcium chews. It's a bit pricy but well worth it for a one--time spend.

I don't know how much you spend on vitamins, but after trying to be frugal and going through a lot of options, I ended up going back to my original that was recommended by my surgeon. They end up costing just about $16 per month, and I think well worth it.

Bariatric Once-A-Day Multivitamin 90 Ct Capsule-45mg Iron Made for Gastric Bypass Sleeve WLS Surgery

If you don't need additional supplements like I do (magnesium, probiotic, and maca powder for post-menopause issues), then it's very cost effective, in my opinion.

Hope you find this info helps. The amount of effort required to take the supplements is well worth peace of mind knowing you'll never suffer debilitating issues due to vitamin deficiencies.

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RNY on 04/15/19

The importance of vitamins after weight loss surgery and what can happen if you don't take them was very much discussed with me while I was preparing for surgery and taking educational classes that my surgeon required. I guess I was lucky and I think all centers/surgeons should inform their patients.

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The worst that can happen is irreversible dementia symptoms from lack of vitamin B12. My mother and I both had gastric bypass in 2007. I am a rule follower but she tends to just do whatever she wants and figure it'll be ok. I was adamant about her taking vitamins and even filled her vitamin container for her in 2009 we got a call she was confused, laughing when no one was talking, unable to remember life events or people. They ran many tests, thinking stroke or something. They came up with vitamin B12 deficiency, though they doubted it. I explained that she'd had gastric bypass and if she wasn't taking her pills that was possible. As soon as they started her on it she snapped out of it. She doesn't remember those 2 days and still occasionally has episodes. Fast forward to 2017 when she had open heart surgery. Even after stressing that she needed her vitamin B12 2 days after surgery she was confused. She thought I was her sister who passed away in 1998. She didn't know anything. The Dr again thought stroke or beginning of dementia. I kept saying that they needed to go e her her vitamins. The nurse and Dr thought I was nuts but gave her b shots and immediately she snapped back. They had never heard of it but looked it up after and confirmed it is a real thing. People who have gastric bypass and alcoholics have to be careful of this. Your body gets depleted because of the surgery and/or alcoholism and when it happens it seems like dementia. Left untreated it isn't reversible. I tell everyone who has sudden dementia symptoms to check into this. I always wondered how many people are left to battle dementia when it could have be treated at beginning IF it was a vitamin deficiency ( not trying to say all dementia is vitamin related). Please look into this because it is real and we are told to take out vitamins for a reason. Even when I don't feel like taking them I take my B12, multivitamin and calcium.

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RNY on 01/01/14

WOW !!! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this .

I myself have experienced scary forgetfulness during Covid when I was depressed and drinking too much and forgetting to take my daily vitamins.

I literally lost my car and house keys for WEEKS and had to have triple A come out and make me a key so I could drive ( 600 bux I kid you not - I drive a button push " smart " Volvo suv )

Not so smart 2 choose such a fancy car I'm thinking now lol.... but DEFINITELY idiotic to stop taking my vites.

i feel HUMAN and competent again after weeks of proper ingestion. We can't stop this stuff ! Malabsorption is a REAL thing and no rebellious attitude will conquer it - it just hurts us and our families who have to worry about us .

H.A.L.A B.
on 8/25/21 11:58 am

So much this.

B12, B1 and too much B6 can cause permanent nerve damage.

If anything, I make sure i get weekly B12 shot (my body does process sublingual) and I take extra B1. Beside enough D, magnesium, A, E, etc.

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Well the worst I have heard someone having is permanent brain damage from lack of B12. If you get labs regularly it is a very good plan. I am 13 years out...I get mine once a year. So for me I was taking iron in my multi and my primary medical person (not WLS) thought my phoferous (sp?) was too high and to cut back.....well my iron level tanked in a year or so and I got super low....I think I was a 6. Anyway, what I noticed was getting out of breathe and being tired. I had to get iron infusions which didn't hurt my arm or anything, BUT my wallet!! Even after insurance and I had good insurance it was $1500 out of pocket!! I could have bought a lot of multivitamins for that. Anyway, it was bad to cut back because it threw off my schedule I was used to and hard to get back on. The other thing I would say is that your immune system will be worse if you get low in zinc, C and D. So....I would do your labs and be faithful. Hell you just started this journey.....it is for a life time. I am sure there are other issues too, but not been an issue I have dealt with. I have changed vitamins at different times, so find the ones you like and are easy for you to take.


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RNY on 01/01/14

Speaking of zinc and vitamin C the statistic is that you?re 75 % less likely to contract Covid if you?re exposed to it if you took Airborne that day .

Since I read that I take Airborne all the time especially when I?m working on a set exposed to hundreds of people or even shopping.

Zero Covid so far Thank God ( I did get tested again a few days ago - resoundingly negative :) )

and no I don't own stock in the company though I should probably buy some lol