After Weight Loss Surgery, what has been your greatest struggle?

on 8/10/21 6:05 am

As a new post op I am struggling with drinking enough fluids at this time. I am worried about the struggles I will come up against further down the road. What barriers/struggles have you found the hardest after weight loss surgery?

on 8/10/21 3:27 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

Don't get discouraged! While there are other challenges ahead, watching the pounds melt away made the challenges feel fairly minor. Also, you might be feeling a bit of post-op depression; that's very common but should fade quickly.

Getting in enough fluid was a struggle early on -- not because of restriction, but because it took a while to form the habit. Now I'm pretty good; especially since I noticed that I feel a sense of well-being when I drink 2+ liters per day.

Figuring out how much I could eat of different kinds of foods without getting the "foamies" was a bit frustrating. I think this is fairly individual; the foods that bother me may not bother you, and vice versa. You have to experiment, adding new foods slowly. It was a year before I could handle cauliflower and broccoli. Even now I have to be careful with "dry" foods like falafels. I can eat them, but I have to watch the quantity.

As I lost weight, I felt so much better physically. I felt stronger, but I didn't have much endurance for a while. I felt great, so I would often forget that I had surgery recently and would overdo things. I think it was about 9 months before I had all my endurance back.

At the same time, the first year was so wonderful and exciting that none of these things were as bad as they might sound!

on 8/11/21 5:30 am

I so value your response. THANK YOU! I learn so much from your posts.

on 9/4/21 1:04 am
RNY on 01/01/14


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RNY on 01/01/14
on 8/11/21 5:38 am

Thank you Veggiewoman! It is so great that you are now living your dream! Would have loved to be a singer and on stage but God decided otherwise. LOL. I just don't have that talent. I will try to stay hydrated as best I can. Vitamins are another issue because I never took them before surgery. Congratulations on overcoming addictions. I understand the struggles.

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RNY on 01/01/14

You?ll find you can do anything you want 2 do post op I think .

Its so sad that so many of us talented and lovely little creatures have been forced 2 give up on lifelong held dreams because of our very serious body struggles.

After all - we don't have cancer or another life threatening condition! We?re not even old usually! But we?ve been beaten down and discouraged.

Which is why it?s SO nice to live vicariously... and enjoy third hand a newbies amazement at their much improved health , mobility and beautiful new looks!

Much love , hugs and understanding.... (())))

please keep us posted :)

on 8/12/21 5:45 am
RNY on 04/15/19

Sadly, cross addiction...

on 8/13/21 6:54 am

I am sorry hear that. It's a fear of mine. Wishing you well.

on 8/12/21 10:24 am
RNY on 10/21/20

I started down that route and had to really give myself a swift kick. I am not even a year out yet but the social drinking was getting crazy when I would go out with my buddies. I am still going out with them I just drink seltzer water or bring crystal light. I have not struggled with food nor have I struggled with portions. But the alcohol snuck up early. My weight loss stalled for a bit but luckily I had dropped pretty quickly so the stall just put me into a normal weight loss vs time category. I still get a bit keyed up and want to drink socially but I am working through it.