Not losing weight after gastric bypass

on 9/2/21 2:26 am
VSG on 01/28/16

Hello - I don't know where else to turn. I'm hoping someone can help shed some light on my problem.

I am 45 (in 2 weeks) and had the gastric bypass revision on July 17th of this year. Since then, roughly 6 weeks ago, I have lost 15lbs. ... well 20 actually, but I gained 5 back.

I drink my protein daily, do my best with the water, eat very little - typically once a day. I'm not losing weight. I don't get it. The only other thing I can think of is that it's maybe my anti-depressant medication, which is hardly absorbing as it is. I hit the gym 4 days a week - Can anyone help as to why I'm not losing weight?



on 9/2/21 5:38 am
RNY on 06/03/15

I have no medical research to back this up, just an observation after seven or so years of hanging out on various bariatric surgery forums, but it seems like most people lose somewhere in the 15-25 lb range the first month after surgery (of course, there are always some that lose more or less than that, but they're outliers). So your 20 lb loss in six weeks is pretty normal. The question is the 5 lb gain since then, though. Can you post a typical daily menu (or two?). Of course, if this 5 lbs just showed up within the last couple of days, there could be another cause - like constipation or water retention - although those usually account for just a couple of pounds.. Anyway, a sample menu would be helpful.

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It really comes down to what you're eating and how much of it you consume. What exactly are you eating and how much of it? Are you measuring/weighing/tracking what you eat?

Not all protein drinks are created equally. Some are higher in sugar and carbs than others.

Was the revision from the sleeve to the bypass?

Did your surgeon give you a plan to follow?

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on 9/2/21 12:44 pm
VSG on 01/28/16

Hi, thanks for the replies.

Sample menu:

Breakfast and lunch = double dosage of protein powder shake. It takes me all day at work to drink it. Otherwise, I drink water or sugar free tea.

Dinner comes from, which are bariatric sized meals, low carb and low cal. I can only eat half of the meal as it is.

That's why I'm confused. I can't be consuming that many calories yet here i am, stalled out. I just don't get it. It's possible my antidepressant medication is causing the issue but I don't know. :(

Citizen Kim
on 9/2/21 3:03 pm - Castle Rock, CO

Firstly, you are a revision not a virgin surgery, so you probably can't expect to drop 100lbs in 6 months.

Secondly you are in a great time position to be experiencing the three week stall (literally thousands of posts if you search it).

I'm not sure what you expected, but weight loss is a marathon not a sprint. Sounds to me like you're doing ok

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on 9/2/21 4:36 pm
VSG on 01/28/16

I am a revision patient. What does that have to do with things? I went from sleeve to bypass, so I would expect the same weight loss with malnutrition happening each time i eat something. 3 week stall? oh no :(... well I hope it ends soon. Thanks for the post.

White Dove
on 9/2/21 6:22 pm - Warren, OH

Revision patients just do not lose like those with a virgin weight loss surgery. It seems like it should be the same, but if you research it, it rarely happens.

It might be because the body has learned to adapt to a major weight loss with the first surgery and fights harder to keep the weight on with the revision. That is just my theory.

Count calories, exercise, and make sure you stay on track. If malabsorption helps, consider that a bonus.

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on 9/2/21 9:01 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

for some reason I didn't notice that you said you're a revision patient. Yes - the others are correct. You normally don't lose as much or as quickly as you do as those with a virgin surgery.

on 9/2/21 7:52 pm
VSG on 01/28/16


Thanks for the explanation. I don't want to be like this forever. I may just cry. I'll keep on keepin' on (what choice do I have now?) but its depressing to hear that. It's like I was meant to be obese forever.


White Dove
on 9/2/21 9:01 pm - Warren, OH

It does not mean you will be obese forever. It just means that you might have to work harder than a person does with their first surgery.

You are doing all the right things. I find a smart scale is a great friend to have. It lets me know when a weight gain is from water or from fat. I admit that I am obsessed with the scale and find it has always been the one thing that keeps me from slipping into denial.

I attend daily Weigh****chers meetings over Zoom. It gives me inspiration and helps me to stay on track. It will be 14 years for me next month. I have had several gains and losses again. I am currently about 15 over goal and work on it constantly.

You can find a lot of support and great people here. The daily menu thread has the most traffic and is a great place to get inspiration. I hope to see you there.

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