Not losing weight after gastric bypass

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The simple minded way that I like to think of why the revisions don't work as well as a virgin surgery is that before any WLS your stomach can hold 32-64 oz. and after your first WLS and 2-3 years or so you may be able to eat 6-8 oz, give or take, between adaptation, "stretching" and a broader diet whi*****ludes more "sliders". It's low enough that you can maintain your lower weight with some diligence, but high enough to gain if one lets things slide. Now, if you go in for a revision, the difference between your 8 or so oz capacity and the immediate post op capacity is a lot less than from your original WLS experience. There are also some other metabolic/hormonal changes that occur from WLS that help in the loss that you have already gone through, so they aren't as significant the second time around.

This leaves us with the majority of weight loss with a revision being mostly from the very restricted diet immediately around the time of surgery, but after that, we are not far off from where we are a few years after our original WLS, so the results tend to cluster around that 20-25 lb region. Some may take things very seriously - "I won't let that happen again" group *****ally knuckle down and seriously revise their habits (probably also combined with a decent remaining metabolism,) who can sometimes make a really good showing of it and lose back another hundred pounds or more, but they are rare.

Also, as noted, being only a month and a half out, you are well within the "three week stall" territory, so even if you are still only eating very little, it may not show much yet, so there is still hope for some continued losses, just like with virgin WLS folks who stall for a couple of weeks or more around this time - just don't expect it to be as quick and easy this time around.

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I believe you have cleared up a mystery for me. It does make so much sense that the revision just makes a small stomach into one that is a bit smaller.

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Sounds like your doing fine to me. I was one of the slowest monthly losers on these boards. Maybe 7 or 8 lbs the first month.
A year to 18 months later I was down way north of 100lbs.

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RNY on 01/01/14

I feel Ur pain n frustration!

I?m so glad I had an RNY the first time out because it keeps working.

That said .... I eat basically no slider foods ( it?s a CHOICE! Every time you eat ! )

For me that means no ice cream ,fast foods or cheeses. I don't believe in keto magic where you can supposedly eat all the butter and fatty steak and cheese you want ... most of the people that I know that eat like this are seriously obese .

honestly sometimes it?s a hard choice ... also choosing to swim an hour or run/walk first thing after I get up ...... not necessarily my favorite thing. But the endorphins released by that exercise keep me from overeating that whole day .

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I have been post RNY for 11 years. I also had a revision in 2020. It may be the biggest challenge is your not eating enough calories. Starting your day with only a protein shake and it's taking you all day to consume it... may be the block your body is coming up against. Starting with a small balanced meal then following up with a protein shake could kick start your metabolism into gear. Then in the afternoon, another low carb high protein meal will continue the metabolic flow your body needs to let go of those extra pounds.

Remember these meals don't have to be huge.. just balanced according to your dietary needs.

I hope this tidbit helps... best of luck

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on 9/9/21 2:44 am
On September 2, 2021 at 9:26 AM Pacific Time, TD1808 wrote:

Hello - I don't know where else to turn. I'm hoping someone can help shed some light on my problem.

I am 45 (in 2 weeks) and had the gastric bypass revision on July 17th of this year. Since then, roughly 6 weeks ago, I have lost 15lbs. ... well 20 actually, but I gained 5 back.

I drink my protein daily, do my best with the water, eat very little - typically once a day. I'm not losing weight. I don't get it. The only other thing I can think of is that it's maybe my anti-depressant medication, which is hardly absorbing as it is. I hit the gym 4 days a week - Can anyone help as to why I'm not losing weight?



Let's look at it different -- 15 pounds in 6 weeks is about 2-3 pounds per week. That's great considering you had major surgery. Not sure what you were expecting to lose. I assume you didn't gain your weight overnight, so why do you expect to lose it that quickly.

Please step back and take it literally one day at a time. Also check with your doc about your anti-depression meds.

You went from a strictly restrictive surgery to a malabsorptive surgery. Are you eating correctly for the bypass?? Each surgery has it's own set of food limitations/requirements. I can't advise because I had a virgin DS and my diet is completely different from yours. Hopefully other bypassers will give you some good advise.

Please slow down and reset your expectations.

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RNY on 01/01/14

I was also an Extremely slow loser in the beginning.

For me believe it or not that made all the difference was my utterly loving and perfect lil Persian cat Mini me .

He would literally bump his head or paw m awake every fifteen minutes so we would walk together.

He would wind around my legs , meow , lead m 2 the garden ..... there could not have been a better human nurse . That cat loved m ! and he?d cuddle and keep m warm when the only place I could rest was an easy chair !

weight isn?t everything.... muscle weighs three times the comparable volume of fat .... I still weigh a ton but hello ... I?m a size o , double zero or max two . And I seriously weigh between 135 and 150 . Just love yourself , be proud what you?ve achieved and how far you?ve come and trust th process. ((())) hugs