should or shouldn't go to my highschool reunion after lose 200lbs

on 9/14/21 1:22 pm
DS on 03/17/19

I have hard time if should or shouldn't go to my highschool reunion nobody knows about my weight get to 650 lbs, and i weigh loss surgery and lose 200 lbs, i guess im uncomfortable with my ecess skin.

White Dove
on 9/14/21 1:32 pm - Warren, OH

I just go to my high school reunion no matter what I weigh. I go to see old friends and catch up on things. Nobody cares about your weight except you.

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on 9/14/21 3:19 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

I can pretty much guarantee you that you won't be the only one who put on a lot of weight since high school!

on 9/15/21 7:02 am

Congratulations on losing 200 pounds! I have never been to any of my high school reunions. Mostly because I live out of state and I already keep in touch with the good friends I knew back then. But if it was in my heart to go and I really wanted to see old friends not seen in years, I would go!

on 9/16/21 10:11 pm

I don't go anymore. I'm guessing half my class is dead :)

Kathleen W.
on 9/18/21 6:00 pm - Lancaster, PA

Go and enjoy it. You could well be an inspiration to someone who is struggling with their own weight.

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on 10/3/21 6:28 am, edited 10/2/21 11:29 pm
RNY on 01/01/14

I have never attended a high school reunion. Guess I feel like a real disappointment. I was voted ?lost on a desert island with ? .... puking up after ever meal .... working out four hours every day and still feeling fat .... for gods sakes my jeans were 29 s .

and my father decided I was a **** after the boys voted for m ... thanks

But if I lost 200 lbs .... nothing would keep m from going .... get the hottest dress and incredibly hot lingerie for underneath.... just for the confidence boost .

And realize you got the hot fat grrl long hair ... big titties .... boyz really don't like the skinny minnies ... just b confident in your beauty your fertility..... just enjoy the attention.... you DESERVE it ((((()))

on 10/4/21 11:15 am

Hi Hockeymom, I just got back from my 40th HS reunion yesterday, and I'm really glad I went!!! I got to see some old friends and I have no regrets...but I'm afraid I might have if I missed it??

on 10/4/21 1:04 pm

GO!! Show off the new you. I never went to any of mine mostly due to my weight. Sad that we beat ourselves up over our appearance. Half the time we are all thinking about a bulge here and there. Go Please don't miss out make those memories!! Heck, most of my guys from HS and bald and potbellied. At least we are adults now so why not. BIG HIGH 5 and FIST bump too. 200#'s is something to be VERY PROUD of.