Woke up vomiting Foamies.. Anyone Else ever have THIS?!

on 10/2/21 6:37 pm

I'm almost 4 years out from RNY. The other day I woke up feeling really weird. Naseous. I ran to the washroom knowing something was coming up and whole bunch of those whitish, clear foamies came up. I walked it off. Took a Prevacid and was fine after a bit.

I have had a scope. I have some redness but no ulcer. I had an ulcer about 6 months post op and have been on Prevacid ever since. My doctor said I'm probably "one of those who have to take Prevacid for life." Anyway, has anyone ever had this happening to them? I never have and am concerned. I was able to book an appointment to see my surgeon in early November where I will be asking about this.

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on 10/3/21 9:01 am, edited 10/3/21 2:04 am - Warren, OH

I will be 14 years out from RNY this month. I get the foamies once in a while. In my case it is from eating something with roughage and not chewing enough.

I track what I eat, so it is easy to see what caused it. I used to have problems with eggs and don't eat them at all. At one of our weight loss meetings, my surgeon showed an x-ray picture of a woman who ate an artichoke. A leaf completely blocked her stoma and he had to perform surgery to get it out. For the rest of your life, it is important to chew food thoroughly.

The old stomach acted like a big blender. When food went into it, it churned it around until it was a smooth liquid. In October, an apple can give me foamies. Salad greens, raw spinach, chicken, and scrambled eggs are a few other things that can make it happen.

Your pouch might feel irritated. It can help to have a day of things like protein shakes, broth, puddings, and applesauce. Anytime the stoma, which is usually smaller than a US quarter, gets blocked the body produces that slimy, foamy liquid to try to get the opening loose and cleared.

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on 10/4/21 2:18 pm

Lucile777,Everyone will have different triggers._even with the same surgery by the same Surgeon! ( My Mom and I did and had same surgery/same surgeon, 6 months apart.)

That is why doing a strict log of everything you eat and drink can be a good tool to use regularly.When you have issues can go back to that log and see even back 2 days- to 2 months and examine that log to find your patterns of stomach /intestinal problems. It's part of the way i found i can only eat one kind of beans, and only small amounts of sweet peas. and no raw fruit. My other was checking my blood sugars for sudden changes.

.. When i get foamies, it is often that i ate something with too much.. fat...usually, it is a prepared food and i don't know how much of fats has been used/often tastes wonderful going down-but not coming up. Dry food CAN cause it too. This does change with time as your body makes adjustments.. Use this as a tool to utilize for best diet control and weight loss..

.. My worst trigger was chicken salad., now i make it all at home and have no issues. As others have note- incomplete chewing of a fiberous item will cause them as well.

I would do a strict diet log,+Slow down your eating period... go back to the 15-20 chews per bite.Slow your entire meal.

if you must have a sip of something because a food is too dry- use warm liquid , an ounce of broth or less added to a dry food will increase tolerance.- it can not be fat off the top roast juices.

I am 24 years Post op and had the surgery that was precursor to the RNY and DS and others...a hybrid surgery...I have gastric intolerances... and will have gastritis , if i am not careful to get the enzymes- or limit the foods that cause problems.( mine are, soy, milk, legumes, raw fruit)

Prevacid is my drug that works best for me- as well. if i notice i have bloating, lack of appetite, early nausea, but hungry for some specific food..( usually Banana's) i will take prevacid 30 mg bid for 3 days then 15 mg. x 2 days... that usually gets me thru... I react to it extremely quickly , within 2 hours i have relief. I keep it on hand continually.

on 10/4/21 5:59 pm
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You could have just woken up feeling bad but maybe call your doc office and see if they have any concerns/need to see you sooner? I think foamies first thing out of bed is odd but bodies are odd (I can't drink cold water first thing in the morning is my odd thing)

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