One of my favorite foods

on 10/7/21 12:06 pm
VSG on 08/17/20

I ate coleslaw today and I haven't had it since before my surgery, over a year ago. Instantly regret buying it because I've had the worst diaherrea. I knew I would have to use the bathroom, but not like this.

Should I be more careful with what I eat? I'm glad I was home after eating my food, because I barely made it to the bathroom.

White Dove
on 10/7/21 12:17 pm - Warren, OH

You may be sensitive to one of the ingredients in the coleslaw. I ended up with lactose intolerance after RNY. This could also be food poisoning. It is always smart to try any new food at home.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

Kathleen W.
on 10/7/21 2:05 pm - Lancaster, PA

I don't know if this will hel*****t. Walden Farms has a product for coleslaw. It's fat free and very low in calories. I'm not sure what else is in it. But they do have fat free stuff.

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White Dove
on 10/7/21 4:10 pm - Warren, OH

Could be anything in the dressing or just all the fiber from the cabbage itself.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 10/7/21 4:58 pm
VSG on 08/17/20

Thankfully I'm feeling better. I just hate the thought of not eating coleslaw. I'm thinking it was the dressing because I eat cabbage in my salads.

White Dove
on 10/7/21 5:05 pm - Warren, OH

If you can eat cabbage without problems, then it is the dressing. Probably the sucolose in the dressing. That can cause gas, bloating, and diarrhea.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 10/11/21 7:06 am, edited 10/11/21 11:53 pm
RNY on 01/01/14

I?m a coleslaw expert... because I too adore it . Buy a bag of freshly shredded cabbage ( 1.39 ? ) a bottle of fat free hidden valley ranch and a bottle of the coleslaw dressing.

If you can?t find that just buy an envelope of dry coleslaw dressing. One envelope is enough for six bags of salad because you?re mainly using the fat free ranch dressing.

mix a little of the dry stuff with water and get it to your taste ... you might want to add salt and pepper. A lot of times I just use the Hidden Valley fat free ranch dressing alone and it works great ....

what I at least can?t tolerate post op are fatty mayonnaise based dressings . This is a great tasting workaround. Actually tastes a LOT better than what you can buy expensively in the deli.

And obviously it?s a lot less calories and much more healthful.