should i be concerned that my doctor told me i will be her biggest patient have a perform...

on 10/12/21 12:30 pm

should i be concerned that my doctor told me i will be her biggest patient have a perform weight loss surgery on

on 10/12/21 4:12 pm
RNY on 02/14/18

Every doctor will have a patient that is their biggest patient.

Do your research, understand that surgeon's outcomes, ask questions that help you decide like "when you say I am the biggest, what does that mean? (5lbs bigger? 200 lbs bigger? both could be the answer and obviously one might have a bigger impact on your decision).

What accommodations or changes do they expect because of that? Ask if it raises their concerns -- if yes, ask why...if no, ask why. The statement that you are the biggest should just cause you do ask more questions.

Good luck!

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RNY on 01/01/14

What kind of surgery have you decided on ?

Can you handle the lifelong vitamin and exercise requirements of a DS or distal RNY ?

And are you most importantly healthy and young enough to recover from essentially being hit by a Mack truck ? ( so my business partner who kindly visited me in the hospital every day, took me home and took care of me for about a month called what I looked like )

Because honestly I really don?t think the sleeve ( which is relatively easy and safe for the docs ) results in usually more than 70 lbs weight loss ... of which at least twenty gets regained .

You?re probably better off in the long run if you can tolerate a virgin surgery scaled right to what you need to lose .... and there are relatively few docs that do that with patients your weight and have a great track record.

They also have to have heavyweight gurneys ... beds , scales ... just the proper equipment and around- the clock team and hopefully they?re located near you in case of post op emergency ( I had one- a bowel twist from dehydration about fifteen days post op - I was VERY lucky that my surgical team took me in the middle of the night and infused me IVs and I didn?t have to get cut open again) .

I?m NOT trying to scare you ... this surgery is the best thing you?re ever going to do for yourself... but you?re facing a challenge. Make great decisions please!

You have to look totally openly and unjudgmentally at your favored eating habits to choose your best option.

Do you prefer ( or tolerate) a lot of fried or fast foods , greasy meats, cheeses and nuts or sugary , fatty desserts or both ?

If it?s the former you can go either way I think ... the second ... the best choice might be the RNY because most people dump.

I haven?t tried a REAL dessert since my marriage in Vegas and dumping from a molten chocolate covered fountain ice cream experience.

I definitely THINK about eating sugar ( like when I see tempting fresh gelato) and then my body remembers writhing on the floor for half an hour wanting to die .

In the long run it might be keeping my teeth from rotting and diabetes at bay ... not bad things .((()) hugs