Oh me oh my I got OUT!!!

on 10/19/21 1:18 am, edited 10/19/21 1:57 am
RNY on 01/01/14

I can?t believe it I?m feeling SO much better !!!! I loaded the ( newly diapered and bathed ) babiez into the pram ( after bathing and dressing me .... and I basically have nothing 2 fit the changing weather in my apartment but a fluffy pajama bottom , bra and top ... but that?s ok .

I may look like a crazy person but at least were outside ... finally ! It?s like getting out of prison lite !
so we?re going down to the water with trepidation because every store is closed and early morning robberies happen down there .... but I?m just so amazed to get out .

The babies are always super - active and healthy .... eating feet and smiling and hand holding now ...( the little one ... so cute ! )

Katy the bigger one is so independent she decided to curl up in a bottom kitchen cabinet in her new taken- in tiny undies cause she no longer needs or wants diapering. I only found her because her ? aunt ? the Persian cat who has adopted as her kitten and watches over her 24/7 basically showed me where she was hiding ... what a family !

We?re all sleeping under or on a fluffy down comforter now ... because it?s getting cold . Gosh I?m SO glad I?m feeling better... not just for me but for the whole family.

Eating- kinda forcing down eggplant rice n shrimp lunch special spicy n lite . Bite by bite ... not easy .

I?m gonna try the local specialty of a breakfast special this morning- fresh hot toasted bun two over easy eggs salt pepper ketchup n hot sauce ... yes it?s really good and maybe the babiez will eat bites too :)

I?m not entirely confident I should allow babiez sips of hot milky coffee at this point ... doesn?t or couldn?t it stunt growth? They both seem to like coffee ( mostly sweetened milk) way too much .... sucking it down like champs

I feel really confident we?re gonna get better now that I?m hungry and eager 2 move :)