Getting ready to have surgery

on 10/30/21 1:33 pm

I'm have my surgery Friday is there anymore last advice you can give to feel less nervous.

on 10/30/21 2:16 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

feeling nervous before a surgery is a pretty common reaction - I get that way before ANY surgery. Just know that these surgeries have become very routine and they're very safe these days. You'll be fine and it'll be over before you know it!

on 10/30/21 3:43 pm
RNY on 02/14/18

Good luck, try not to be too anxious this week and this time next week, you'll be onto recovery!

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White Dove
on 10/30/21 4:47 pm - Warren, OH

I was so nervous I almost cancelled the last week. When I woke up after surgery I felt pretty good. I had some bandaids on my tummy and other than that everything felt the same. I had surgery on Tuesday, went home on Thursday, was doing light housework on the weekend and went back to a desk job on Monday. I have had more problems and needed more time off with dental work.

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on 11/2/21 12:09 am

The first best thing you can do is determine you will follow the surgeons instructions to the very best of your ability. Having someone with you for discharge instructions and having all written down...NOT the pre-printed general gastric surgery- but specialized ones that pertain to your post op recovery and long term success.

The best thing you can do is get written instructions for post op care and your long term goals as far as diet.., supplements, liquid goals . These should include any special instructions your surgeon gives....immediate. desired protein goal, desired carb. limits.

Be sure to get him to give you a maintenance goal of carb and protein intake limits for after you reach goal.

To not be nervous about such a life changing surgical event would be unrealistic.Recognize it is a normal reaction. You did not come to this decision overnight.You have considered other things have not been effective for long term for you.

Your surgeon is giving you a tool.It will require you learn to use it effectively... Just like to b a carpenter one must learn to use a hammer and a measuring device.Your tool will be the surgical pouch or restriction (depending on which surgery you are having.) Hang in there. Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of my surgery.. ..

on 11/2/21 8:27 am
RNY on 04/15/19

Congratulations on having your surgery date scheduled! Please keep us all posted as to how things are going for you!

on 11/3/21 6:47 am

Just stay focused on your goals and look forward to your new journey. I look forward to your updates!

Kathleen W.
on 11/3/21 4:55 pm - Lancaster, PA

After surgery and you're home, go easy on yourself.

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on 11/4/21 5:18 am

Just be focused, everything will be fine.

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on 11/6/21 3:55 am
RNY on 01/01/14

Congratulations! You're doin it Grrl!