Dumping Syndrome

on 11/22/21 9:33 am
RNY on 01/01/18

Hello, All,

I have severe diarrhea sometimes it has me up all night long. I probably have this happen 4 nights per week. I may have a solid stool once or twice a week. Does this sound like dumping syndrome? I do not have any other signs.

Thank you!

White Dove
on 11/22/21 1:48 pm - Warren, OH

Dumping happens with RNY because the valve that keeps food from dumping directly into the intestines is no longer there. The valve is intact with DS. Dumping involves fast heartbeat, sweating, dizziness, and weakness. It is not diarrhea, but diarrhea can happen with dumping.

Something else is happening with you. Discuss with your doctor.

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on 11/22/21 4:17 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

I agree - probably not dumping. Maybe a food intolerance? Some bariatric patients develop lactose intolerance - or intolerance to certain artificial sweeteners (esp sugar alcohols - those whose names end in -itol (like xylitol))

(deactivated member)
on 11/26/21 5:33 am
RNY on 01/01/14

No, but if you are eating fats they do have a tendency to slip through the body fast . A sign that you are malabsorbing fat is a light to bright yellow color and looseness of the stool .

If you're a recent post op it behooves you to change your food choices if this is the case - only DS ers have significant fat malabsorption a few years after surgery.

Making processed, fried fatty and "'slider " high calorie food choices is probably the biggest cause of frustrating regain . ((()))) hugs