on 12/9/21 3:08 pm

I am currently living in North Bay, and my GP will not approve me for weight loss surgery. He will not even consider it.

Anyone from North Bay either know of a doctor willing to consider bariatric surgery?

I meet the criteria for it.

Thanks in advance ??

on 12/12/21 8:02 am - CA

Which "North Bay" are you in - there are probably a hundred north bays around the US, and many more around the world. This is much the same as other regional references such as "tri-states area" which is only meaningful to locals of the half dozen tri-states areas in the country.

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on 12/12/21 4:49 pm

Sorry, I thought that I posted this in the Ontario forum, not just a general one

on 12/13/21 9:45 am

Sorry to read this.Did your GP explain why he won't consider referring you for weight loss surgery?

on 12/13/21 9:57 am

Basically, he is very ignorant on the process.

He also does not believe that anyone actually needs it, that it should just simply be a mind over matter to stop eating.

And he has stated that while he will support my decision to get weight loss surgery, he will not help facilitate it.

on 1/12/22 4:15 am

Sounds like he is! I don't blame you for looking for another doctor. You need one that will support you each step of the way.