OMG! I should have weight loss Surgery a lot sooner

on 1/6/22 11:24 am

OMG! I should have weight loss Surgery a lot sooner. Be at over 700 lbs I did not think it was possible for me to have weight loss surgery, now that I have had my surgery I feel alive for the first time. So my question is Do you wish you had your weight loss surgery a lot sooner

on 1/6/22 12:22 pm
RNY on 09/01/12

OMG .... Im so happy 4 U babe

so glad Ure Thru the surgery and Ok ! Welcome to the losers bench !

Please post on the RNY board every day it will really help ... trust me.

I wish we still had chat ...

on 1/6/22 3:25 pm
RNY on 02/14/18

I don't know if I would have been as committed and capable if I had it sooner. I feel like I had it at the right time to do both the physical and mental work so I'm good with it.

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on 1/6/22 4:42 pm - Irvine, CA

I love seeing posts like this, but I also always caution people that this is a lifelong change and regain can happen at any time. Start now by adapting healthier habits, exercise, low carb lifestyle, and mental health breaks. We all need that mental day to just decompress and stress can lead to regain. Hell, LIFE can lead to regain. I am so happy that you are feeling alive. This is the best decision I ever made 21 yrs ago and even with the regain I had, I would do this again in a heartbeat.

I can't wait to see some photos if you feel comfortable in sharing them. If not, no worries. But, you are an inspiration to many who are still on that path to finding more out about weight loss surgery.

on 1/6/22 9:14 pm

How much regain?

on 1/7/22 5:33 am
RNY on 06/03/15

a regain of about 10% of your overall loss seems to be very common around year 3. It's not inevitable, but it seems to happen to most of us. A lot of us purposely aim at getting a few lbs below our goals to account for this, so we'll end up about where we want to be.

beyond that, it varies A LOT. Some people are very successful at maintaining their loss - others gain 10, 20, 50, or even 100 lbs. And sadly, a few gain everything back. It really comes down to how committed you are, and how closely you monitor your weight and your eating. You really have to be diligent, and you have to catch gains and deal with them before they spin out of control. It's a lot easier to lose five or ten lbs than it is to lose 50.

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on 1/9/22 12:57 pm - Irvine, CA

My regain was about 45-50 lbs at year 15.

on 1/13/22 9:01 pm
on 1/13/22 9:02 pm

Have you lost the regain?

on 1/7/22 4:26 am
RNY on 09/01/12

Theres a huge percentage of bariatric surgery recipients that regain literally EVERYTHING- landing eventually even larger than before they started the process.

This is usually due to lack of preparation before surgery and lack of determination and commitment to make the necessary lifestyle changes afterwards.

This is why insurance and surgeons require nutritional and psychological counseling before surgery now and usually require some demonstration that the patient can and is willing to lose significant weight pre op.

When I got my RNY nine years ago I was on a huge bariatric ward with probably forty or more patients. I talked with almost everyone as I was there ( walking every fifteen minutes per doctors orders ) for a few days .

To my absolute amazement NOT ONE had visited or heard of this website ( and though I told them about it and wrote down the internet address ) - not one ever joined here .

I did hear that patients were starving as they were told not to eat fast food and that was literally all they knew to eat - so of course they went back to it .
Also every single patient just about flatly refused to walk - even on the ward in front of the surgeons team!!! Often they literally refused to get out of bed - even to use the Bathroom!!!

I saw many of these original ward mates years later at my surgeons yearly party for his post ops . Many had struggled with serious health issues , some lost no weight at all , and some lost and regained and were hoping for a second chance through revision.

Very interesting... and made me VERY glad I actually followed my docs instructions.

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