Should I keep a food and exercise journal after weight loss surgery

on 1/13/22 6:54 pm

I just began my research on having weight loss surgery, my question is Should I keep a food and exercise journal after weight loss surgery

on 1/14/22 7:50 am
RNY on 02/14/18

It seems like people that track their food are more successful. There are a number of people on here that have hundreds or thousands of days of tracking. Many use My Fitness Pal, I think one or two still track in a journal, I use the baritastic app. I don't track exercise per se I just make sure to do it 5-7 days a week!

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Citizen Kim
on 1/14/22 1:48 pm - Castle Rock, CO

I log my food in MyFitnessPal and exercise in Samsung Health and have thousands of days logged. I haven't missed a day in years. Its a habit and I can't imagine not doing it.

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Kathleen W.
on 1/14/22 3:41 pm - Lancaster, PA

I have the WW app on my phone and log my meals constantly. I also have an apple watch that tracks movement, exercise minutes (30 minutes a day). and hours awake.

I can't speak for others but for me, it works. It helps keep me accountable.

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on 1/14/22 4:24 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

I've been logging food intake and exercise for at least 10 years - first on sparkpeople, now on myfitnesspal. I never miss a day.

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on 1/15/22 10:12 pm

MyFitnessPal for nutrition, weight and steps. I would suggest using it for life. It's easy and will give you insight years from now

on 1/17/22 7:59 am
RNY on 10/21/20

I am only a little over a year post op and in the beginning, I did not log my food or exercise. I started having some issues with a bit of regain right after lockdowns and when they opened things back up I went to the bar with buddies a lot and the weight was creeping back up. I got a handle on that and started tracking everything so I would stick to eating right. It has helped me a lot and I really wish I had done it from day one. So my answer to you is ABSOLUTELY. Do it and don't stop. It will help you become successful and stay successful.