Found a doctor that supports me

on 1/19/22 12:41 pm

Months ago I posted that my PCP was not supportive of me wanting to have weight loss surgery. It really surprised me because my doctor had always made me feel pretty much supported before. I felt that something was off the day we discussed my health and options to help me lose weight but I couldn't put my finger on it. I left feeling defeated instead of uplifted. Anyway, I decided maybe we were not a good patient/doctor match and found another doctor that is very supportive, encouraging and she is optimistic that I can make the necessary changes in my life. My new doctors attitude changed everything for me because I know there is a mutual trust and respect from one human to another. I am seeing a dietitian now and planning my meals, trying not to stray from the plan and taking it very seriously. Whether I have weight loss surgery or not, I feel confident that I can reach my personal goals because I have a doctor that listens and cares and is genuinely interested in my wellbeing. I feel very lucky and excited to move forward and change my health.

on 1/19/22 5:14 am

It's good that you found the right doctor fit for you. I think that is very important. Good luck on your new journey.

on 1/20/22 7:24 am
RNY on 04/15/19

I was very lucky that my PCP supported me from day 1 and even suggested weight loss surgery as an option. Having support all the way around from your doctor, family, friends and peers is a true gift!

on 2/1/22 8:52 am

I am very happy that you have found a doctor who is right for you