Is the Sleeve gastrectomy best surgery for me I weigh 551 pounds

on 4/13/22 12:47 pm

Is the Sleeve gastrectomy best surgery for me I weigh 551 pounds

on 4/14/22 1:55 am - Putnam, CT
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I would say no unless it is followed up with the DS. I feel that either the bypass or DS would work best for someone who has over 100+ lbs to lose because they have restriction and malabsorption. Now saying that there are some folks who only had the sleeve at a high starting weight and did rather well.

Remember the first year is the honeymoon period and regardless what surgery one has that is the time to get most if not all the excess weight off.

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on 4/14/22 4:07 am - Warren, OH

You are going on a long journey. You need to get from New York to San Francisco and you need to do it using your own body and no car, train, or plane.

Your choices are;

Walking shoes (sleeve)

Roller skates (RNY

Bicycle (modified DS)

Bicycle with motor (DS)

Think about your choices'. All are hard work that takes a long time.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 4/14/22 3:23 pm
VSG on 08/17/20

I had vsg and I'm not happy with my results. Most of it is my own fault for not sticking to the program. Be sure you have an aftercare plan, after surgery. There were no followup appointments after 3months and that's when I stopped losing. I've paid out of pocket for a dietician and see a therapist, but my weight stays around 240. I started at about 272 and by the time surgery day came I was about 265. Because of a blood clotting disorder I didn't have a major decision in which surgery to have. I felt blessed having vsg and I'm still using the tools I've learned to keep going in my journey. My lowest weight has been about 230. The surgery can only do so much, it's really up to you as an individual to keep the weight loss momentum going.

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