How to tell and explane to my kids I'm weight loss surgery

on 4/14/22 12:45 pm

How to tell and explane to my kids I'm weight loss surgery I have 3 kids, Kandi who is 15 my oldest ,Carl who is 8 , and Lilly who 4 and they are my word

Kathleen W.
on 4/15/22 6:58 am - Lancaster, PA

Be honest with them according to the age of the kids. Be upfront with Kandi and water it down for the younger ones. Say you're going into the hospital so the doctors can help you get healthy, Explain that you love them very much and want to do so many things with them that you have trouble with now.

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on 4/21/22 6:32 am

I agree with Kathleen's advice. I was hesitant at first if I should tel anyone at all. However, many years have passed after my surgery and I think telling your children that you are on a new journey to getting healthy and that they will see some changes in your body and how you eat is a good idea. You could even show them some before and after pictures here on ObesityHelp and talk to them about how the surgery works. Also, many surgeons/centers welcome family members to attend a support group or consult session so that family can understand the process, the surgery etc.

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