New Here...finally scheduled initial consultation

on 4/16/22 10:14 am

Hi all,

my name is Carrielee and I am 31 years old.

I have battled being overweight / obesity since I was a young child and I've finally gotten the courage to taking the steps toward a healthier self.

At 31, I'm 5 feet tall and weigh 278 pounds, at a BMI of 54.29, it's time to do this.

I suffer from a myriad of weight related health conditions and fear an early death if I don't take control of my weight and health.

I suffer from acid reflux, hypertension, high cholesterol, Type II diabetes, arthritis, limited mobility, chest pain/angina, sleep apnea, liver disease...I'm slowly killing myself and I'm tired of it.

Any tips for a first consult with a WLS surgeon? My appointment is on April 25.

on 4/16/22 12:57 pm
RNY on 02/14/18

Ask lots of questions about the support program before and after your surgery. Those programs vary a great deal and it's important to have support to work on your head, while the doctor works on the surgery. Make sure you understand all the requirements for the surgery (including how they work with your insurance, if you are using insurance); your program may have requirements and your insurance may also have requirements -- not being clear on both could cause delays. Be clear on the surgery you want going in, so that you can assess that against the program recommendation and be prepared to ask questions for why they are recommending one vs the other (and also be prepared to answer questions on why you prefer a particular surgery). Make sure you understand what the permanent changes and requirements are -- for example, with RNY, supplements are not optional post op. There are serious health issues coming your way if you don't take your supplements correctly (but they are easy to comply with in my opinion).

Good luck in your research and appointment!

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on 4/16/22 3:31 pm
VSG on 06/11/18
Welcome Carrielee! Provided you are willing to follow your medical team's plan after surgery, this could transform your life for the better. I had my surgery in 2018, and lost all my excess weight in about a year and a half. I've kept it all off, and have a healthy BMI (low side of normal, even). I wish you every success.
White Dove
on 4/16/22 4:17 pm - Warren, OH

Hi Carrielee,

I had surgery in 2007 and still have almost all of the weight off. I am about six pounds over my goal, but have had several gains and losses in the last 15 years. I would advise you to research and make a list of questions to ask.

I really believe that a surgery with malaborption gives a great long term advantage. Surgery does not do the work for you, but it is a great tool. Keeping the weight off for me requires constant support. I get a lot of help from this board. I hope you continue to post and keep us updated on your progress.

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on 4/17/22 6:44 pm

Thank you.

I had another "wake up call" moment yesterday. Ended up in the ER with chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness and weakness. Was concerned about my heart again and it turns out I have multiple pulmonary embolisms at 31. My health is very poor and I'm afraid of dying young if I don't get this surgery.

on 4/18/22 7:01 am
RNY on 10/21/20

I think I may have replied to another post of yours but I wanted to post to this one and tell you that while you are waiting for your consult and ultimately your surgery start with the changes in your lifestyle NOW. Start cutting back on the carbs and sugar and focus more on proteins and low carb. The surgery is just a tool and if you start with the small adaptions it can help your mental approach once you do have surgery. There are a lot of people here who are willing to help answer questions and cheer you on but there is also a page that is dedicated to recipes. I did not know about this until about a month ago when someone at my support group printed off a recipe she found to share with the group. It was from here. I don't know where to find the page I have been looking when I find it I will share it with you.

Kathleen W.
on 4/18/22 4:45 pm - Lancaster, PA

Congratulations on taking the first steps on getting your health back. You and I have similar stats.

You've receive some really good suggestions hear. May I make another? There's a book called "Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies" and is written by Dr. Marina Kurian. She's the surgeon who performed Al Rokers' bypass. It goes into a lot of information about the types of surgeries(pro and con), hospitals, what to look for, and everything in between.

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on 4/18/22 9:14 pm

Thank you for that resource!

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