What a Day...another wake up call

on 4/18/22 9:15 pm

Finally back from the ER after spending pretty much the whole day there. It took them a long time to stabilize my BP and heart rate enough to feel safe sending me home. The tests they did showed no extra strain on my heart from my PE's, but the chest x ray did show slight / mild pleural effusion which they said should clear on its own.

My BP hovered in the 170s/100s for a good while at the ER and with IV anti hypertensives they finally got it down to basically as low as mine gets right now, even with taking Calan and Lopressor...down to 142/88 when they discharged me with a heart rate of 110. (Down from the 130s when I got there)...

I also spoke my WLS surgeon's office and everything is officially confirmed for my initial appointment on April 25. I am feeling all the emotions.

I also see my PCP the 20th, cardiology the 21st, hypertension clinic the 21st, and neurology the 22nd.

All important appointments to get myself in the best shape I can be for surgery and to hopefully help manage some of my chronic co morbid conditions, especially to get my BP down as it sits between 140s/90s to 160s+/100s with two hypertensives and I know it's putting a huge strain on my body.

on 4/20/22 6:55 am

Hope you are feeling better soon and good luck with your first WLS appointment.

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