2weeks it from gastric sleeve

on 4/24/22 6:30 pm
VSG on 04/15/22

I'm having a rough time with just soups...I still have another week and a half before my doctor possibly moves me on to purée foods. I have no energy, and the protein shakes are tough to down. Can someone give me any tips on making these days easier?

on 4/26/22 9:47 am
RNY on 10/21/20

I know how you feel and for me the progression from one phase to another was killer. I got bored with what I could have or just could not handle the same thing again and again. I was able to find bone broths that came in different flavors and that helped me a lot. I was also able to have sugar free popsicles and fudgesicles in moderation and that helped too. The lack of energy could be that you just had surgery and you are still experiencing the recovering of your body from everything. Have you asked your surgeon if you can make some smoothies out of your protein shakes to help make them go down easier? I used premier and my dr told me that as long as I blended the shakes I could make smoothies and he approved me to add powdered peanut butter or no sugar added peanut butter or anything that was liquid but I could not add fruits or other items since even blended they could cause irritation. My suggestion to make things easy for you is to change things up a bit like getting bone broth or find a unflavored protein that you can make into any flavor you like. For the lack of energy cut yourself some slack. You are only two weeks from major surgery. Just keep drinking your liquids and eat on schedule and rest. It will get easier.

on 4/27/22 6:13 am
VSG on 06/11/18

The lack of energy is to be expected, and it will take time to return to normal. My surgeon had me take a month off work. My first week back at work, I would basically come home, eat something, and then sleep for 12 hours until it was time to go to work again! But my second week back I felt pretty good.

Maybe extra sleep would help you feel better? Also, and I'm sure you're sick of hearing this but it's so important: drink more water! I have found that to feel my best, I actually need 2.5 liters of fluids per day. Whenever I feel unexpectedly tired, it's often a sign that I'm dehydrated, so the first thing I do is drink a glass of water.

By the time I was at the two month mark, I felt that my energy level was at about 90% normal.I felt great most of the time, but exhaustion could hit me very suddenly. That gradually improved, but getting all the way to 100% took about 9 months. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

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on 4/26/22 1:17 pm - Warren, OH

Syntha-6 protein powder is the only one that actually tastes good to me. When you open the jar of other protein and smell it, it is like smelling sour milk. Syntha-6 smells like cake mix. I think Premier Protein is also excellent. When I had surgery, my protein shakes reminded me of mud. They are so much better now. I bought an ice cream maker and turned my protein drinks into ice cream. It made it much easer for me..

Search the internet for Phase 2 recipes once the doctor clears you. Shelly's Baked Ricotta is probably the best one for a "real" meal. Find great ideas for now and for every phase at Shelly's site "The World According to Eggface". Here is the Liquid Phase for ideas that you can do today.

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on 4/27/22 5:55 am
VSG on 06/11/18
An excellent tip my dietitian gave me regarding protein powders is to try using half the recommended amount. You'll probably find it more palatable, in which case you'll drink more. If you're drinking bottle protein shakes, perhaps you could try thinning them with milk or milk alternative. Or even water.
on 4/27/22 5:55 am
VSG on 06/11/18
on 4/27/22 2:39 pm
VSG on 04/15/22

I found some unflavored protein, but it makes my milk taste weird. I'll try using half the amount next time. Also, I think I'm getting dehydrated a lot, mostly because I'm afraid to drink too much at one time.

Next week, I should be starting the soft food, purée diet. Is it ok to put pace salsa on my eggs?

on 4/27/22 6:07 pm
RNY on 02/14/18

You should definitely look at what they say in your plan - there's a huge amount of variation in the programs -- Some allow spicy food early on, some don't (I don't think of Pace salsa as spicy but some might). It is chunky though so if you're on purees, you may need to puree it.

Definitely focus on getting your fluids in; they should have given you a target for the day and you need to do what you have to in order to meet it; dehydration creates its own issues and makes any other issues worse!

Good luck!

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on 4/27/22 2:42 pm, edited 4/27/22 7:42 am
VSG on 04/15/22

I should say, before surgery I was at 420. The doc said I could have surgery if I got under 400 and I managed it easily. My goal right now, is 200 lbs. I?m 6ft 5 38 years old.

on 4/27/22 2:44 pm
VSG on 04/15/22

My heart doctor insisted on this surgery. I've had 2 heart valve replacements and I've got congestive heart failure.

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