7 days POST-OP

Erin S.
on 5/17/22 6:23 am

I'm on day 7 from surgery. I'm feeling great and excited about the future. Wondering about OA....are there others that go to OA and find it helpful? I've tried it a few times and just didn't find it helpful. Maybe I need to have a better attitude toward it or be more open.

If you go to OA, can you offer me some zoom meetings to attend?

Thank you,


on 5/20/22 12:42 am
VSG on 03/31/22

Hi is nice to feel exited but keep in mind having the surgery is a total challenge you need to understand first what to do after that because you will struggle with not knowing what to eat and what to don't to be successful

I am telling you because I had done the sleeve gastrectomy and it was a nice of cake 7 little insicions and very easy recovery be able to walk right away and get my regular like in place but eating and drinking was and is a big challenge

Let me explain you a bit about it I can't eat almost anything during the day foursome reason I grow up but I am not feeling with sick the food just comes back to my through as I can take my intake of protein during the night is strange but I am drink with no problem during the night also I can eat meat a very small amount eating pouring and Jello and eggs is not possible I have to trow up after 5 min after I eat them also what they are talking to zip During the day some people can't do that like me so I wait for late at night to drink my protein

Also I found a keto ice cream with very dark chocolate no sugar all 1 carbs when I feel like having something sweet I eat 1/2 of that good enough I recommend you to buy geriatric fission shakes meal replacement pretty good stuff easy to drink may like it they taste sweet but they don't have sugar and carbs you can loose weight pretty easy

I was219 pounds before starting the weight lose programme so when they did the surgery I was 196 pounds know after1 month 1/2 I am 175.6 pounds believe me is not easy but I possible keep in mind don't try to cheed you can put in jeopardy your life this is not easy but is not impossible you can do it keep in mind you need to get better try to do some walking and stationary biking it will help to burn the calories you try to eat during the day if you able to eat mean time stay positive life is precious you can do it go for it and be safe

on 5/20/22 6:22 am

Hi Erin...Congratulations on being post op! I have never been to OA so I cannot offer any insight but wish you well.

on 5/20/22 6:28 am

Wonderful to hear you are doing well after your surgery. I went to OA meetings for a short time but I just didn't find it all that I thought it was going to be. But maybe I should try again. A Zoom meeting might work better?

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