Growing "Celebrity " Appetites

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on 5/17/22 1:32 pm
RNY on 09/01/12

It's interesting... I've always been a real gourmet cook ( one that actually grows their own fresh herbs and vegetables and even fruits )

But since I had my RNY ten years ago I've become much pickier .

I tried buying a few lean cuisine frozen dinners a few days ago and literally almost barfed trying to eat them. I ended up throwing it all out .

i DO think that half the process of success post WLS is being able to cook great tasting lowfat meals at home and not being dependent on processed foods or restaurants.

I watch the Dr Now 600 lb show all the time and one of the things I really notice is that the patients really can't cook at all .

They don't need just a nutritionist to tell them what they shouldn't eat but also a chef in training an intern maybe ... who could show how to cook twenty amazingly good tasting lowfat low carb and healthy recipes and where you get them from on the internet and what staples you should have to pump up the taste .

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