Marijuana's affect on surgery

on 5/25/22 6:07 pm

Marijuana is legal in my state. It has thank God helped cured my insomnia and depression.

Now I'm considering bariatric surgery. Will I have to permanently stop vaping before the surgery? Or will it totally disqualify me? I read that it can cause the need for more sedation during surgery.

White Dove
on 5/26/22 8:49 am - Warren, OH

Something you need to discuss with the surgeon

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on 5/27/22 5:31 am

I would definitely talk to the surgeon and team you consult with.

on 5/31/22 6:55 am - Putnam, CT
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Like others said call your surgeon.

I would venture to guess you will have to stop at least 30 days prior or more so the THC is out of your system. Some surgeons are picky and if you are a known Marijuana user they will not perform surgery. Plus vaping or smoking anything slows the healing process down and it can cause ulcers after the surgery. If I were you I would look at edibles instead of the vaping.

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on 5/31/22 7:27 am

Hi, thank you for your response. I figured the wait time was something like 30 days. Luckly, I've already stopped!

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