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on 6/4/22 4:29 pm

Hi friends, I was in this group, then I left it. I had my initial appointments scheduled with my surgeon, the dietician and my psych eval, had cleared things with insurance, then got really cold feet and decided I wasn't going through with it. Well this past week I had another new weight related health diagnosis that shouldn't be something a 31 year old should be diagnosed with, my weight is still climbing, got told by two different doctors they won't treat my pain because it's my weight causing the pain, so I've emailed my coordinator at Dr. Houston's office and plan on calling Monday to get appointments back on the schedule.

I guess I just need some reassurance that it's ok to go back and forth with commitment in the beginning?

White Dove
on 6/5/22 7:36 am - Warren, OH

Getting the surgery is the easy part. The commitment needed is to change your lifestyle. You can do that without surgery. Surgery helps but is only one tool, It will be a waste of time and money if you do not make the other changes to improve your health. People who get surgery and are not totally committed to a lifestyle change will lose weight and then gain it all back.

No it is not OK to go back and forth with commitment, Surgery is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Revisions do not work. Wait until you are mature enough to make a life changing decision and stick with it.

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on 6/5/22 9:31 am

I canceled my surgery twice before I was able to make that final commitment. I am now 13 years out from my surgery and maintaining my weight loss.

Surgery is a big decision. It's well worth being sure before you take that step. Its important to remember that the surgery is on your stomach, not on your mind.

Don't be discouraged. When you are really ready, you will know. Good luck!

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on 6/5/22 3:25 pm
RNY on 02/14/18

It's important to use the time for your program to get your head in the right place; if you decide to move forward, use the time to use you psych and habit building resources. You won't regret that.

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on 6/30/22 7:21 pm
RNY on 02/08/21

I did everything I could to NOT have the surgery, although I was moving ahead with the surgery preparations (Life Skills Class, psych eval and also began seeing a counselor who specializes in disordered eating). I also had diagnoses that I wish I never had to deal with in which the best approach to management was losing a significant amount of weight. When keto/intermittent fasting didn't change things all that much, I moved ahead with my surgery.

Is the commitment you refer to just a commitment to having the surgery? Or is it your wavering on your commitment to the lifestyle changes that are necessary for long term success? Finding a counselor who specializes in eating disorders/disordered eating can make a big difference if that is the case.

Good luck to you as you move forward now with your surgery. Take advantage of every preop opportunity that your program offers.

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