9 years out of a DS and need back on track

on 7/11/22 10:15 pm
DS on 08/08/13

Hello everyone..I am 9 years outta a revision from a gastric bypass to.a DS and feel like I'm failing all over again .. after my bypass 11 years ago I got pregnant within 6 months and the bypass just let go I guess aud I gained almost all the weight back with the same year..it was quite a disappointment but I wanted a baby at the time so badly..I looked at it like a blessing ... about 1.5 years after my son was born I underwent a very successful DS .. it was awesome and I kept the weight off for the next 8 years ..however a year ago I was Ina bad motorcycle accident that left my body pretty broken up and me in constant pain... and in the past year I have went from a weight of 125 to 170...I need some help.to get back on track as well as some people that understand what I'm coming thru to talk to

on 7/13/22 7:13 am
RNY on 02/14/18

I don't know much about the DS but can you go back to the basics of your program? Or meet with someone from your medical practice to get a refresher on what you could be doing differently? Good luck!!

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on 7/15/22 8:07 pm

I am not sure what advise to give you, but I do share the same issue almost identically. I am 17 years out and my lowest weight was 123. At my last physical last week I am up to 170.3 ??. I think for me, my eating is definitely tied to emotions and also energy levels.

i did so well in the beginning... I exercised every day and then we moved and it's been a down hill from there. It's hard to break old habits and start new ones. I have started exercising and I am really going to try to me more mindful of my eating.

please know you're not alone - I wish I could offer some advise!


on 8/1/22 5:06 pm


I'm 9 years out and my lowest was 123 and if I eat by the DS rules I can still stay there. If I eat whatever I want for months on end I can go up to 155.

I don't like the 150's cause I get those little love handles. I've been eating right with no cheating for three weeks, I'm at 146.3 this morning. The DS still works.

My goal is by the end of August is to be between 135 and 139. I don't want to go any lower than that. I'm 5'5 3/4"

You can do this, just make sure you have lots of delicious food in the house and no cheat food. I've been eating all day long, things like cucumbers soaked in oil and vinegar, salads, tuna, salmon (that I blacken, bacon chicken tons of vegetables that are low carb. Something I'm doing new is everyday I have one big juicy sweet and tart plumb. I love it better than ice-cream and it only has about 10 carbs.

You can do this!

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