Hey, cool! 12 years out today!

on 7/15/22 7:01 pm

Almost forgot it's my 12 year RNY anniversary today! I'm happy to report I've been at goal weight since a year and a half post surgery. I'm in excellent health unlike before surgery. Anyway, I am beyond grateful for my surgery- 130lb loss- and am very pleased I've been able to do the work to maintain my weight loss. Way cool!

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on 7/16/22 6:00 am
RNY on 04/15/19

Happy 12 year surgiversary and congratulations on maintaining your weight loss! That's awesome!

on 7/21/22 4:56 am


on 8/1/22 5:11 pm

Happy surgiversary! Good job!!

on 9/4/22 3:30 am

Hi Anne!

So great to hear you're still doing so well after all these years ! We were kind of surgery sisters and sisters and companions in early recovery as well if you remember.

It hasn't been all smooth sailing for me - I suffered a nasty divorce a few years after wls ( had nothing to do with my weight loss the marriage was also post op) and the financial and other pressures led me to drink more than was good for me for a while let's put it that way :) . Feeling middle aged didn't help a bit either frankly - I felt LOST as a formerly " beautiful " woman who didn't feel worthy of maximum attention anymore.

Instinctively I didn't want to cling to what really never was .... ( since I was mostly fat in my " best " years ) but I couldn't figure out the next chapter . I think I'm doing that now ... temporarily alcohol free ( and loving it ) - more energetic, hopeful, adventurous and optimistic. I find I'm booking trips I only dreamed of ... living each day to the fullest, giving my creative impulses their head ...just having fun. Had a great health scare this year too which helped scare me straight. So far so good - no real adverse consequences yet . Fingers crossed.

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