Need new surgeon

on 8/5/22 11:31 pm - Alexandria, KY

I recently moved to Georgia and need to find a bariatric surgeon in the central part of the state to remove my Realize band. The port is sideways and I developed horrible reflux. Anyone one here have any suggestions? Thanks.

on 8/6/22 10:19 am - CA

I don't know anyone specific in that area, but what are you looking to do - just remove it, or revise it to something else (how has your weight maintenance been?) If a revision, do you have a preference or inclination toward one or another, as that can drive a choice of surgeon. Some, without looking at anything, will simply state that with reflux you need a bypass, end of story. But others may say, let's take a look at things and then decide what works best. If you are inclined toward a DS, those guys are harder to come by so you may have to travel some, while there's probably a bypass doc right around the corner.

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