Medicaid for VSG to RNY

on 8/8/22 3:23 pm
Revision on 10/01/22

Hi! I am new here, but had a VSG several years ago. Due to a traumatic injury, I have struggled to keep the weight off I had lost and have been in the process of trying to get approved for a revision to RNY. I started the approval process and took the required classes, etc. and then covid shut downs stopped everything. I spent the last few years slowly getting worse. Today, I learned that my surgeon wants to go ahead and submit to my insurance (I still have Medicaid until the covid emergency order is lifted). The hospital program has agreed to allow me to skip the weeks of classes because I'd done them before. It is United Healthcare Community Plan. My BMI is now 42. Does anyone have experience with getting approved for this and how long it might have taken to get approval? I'm a little overwhelmed. Thank you!

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