Hi I'm new on Obesity Help

on 9/10/22 2:32 pm - SUGAR LAND, TX

Hi, Im Camila Petrea 28 year old formal tattoo artist and single Mom of two wonderful child Gwen who is 12, Ace 4 from Irving Texas and Im here to get support and help because at 589 lbs my life is miserable i can't be mom that my kids deserve and i can't do my second favorite thing which is be tattoo artist and share my work to world.

on 9/12/22 2:29 am
VSG on 09/01/22

Hi Camila, I'm Sheryl. I'm a little further on this journey than you. I just had my surgery 12 days ago. I was scared silly about having this surgery! Not any longer! 12 pounds are gone so far since the surgery. I'm already in much less pain than before.

on 9/18/22 10:57 pm

Hi Tattoo mom, it's the same reason I had wls. I was trying to help coach my kids sports teams in their middle school years and constantly getting bone fractures in my feet from being too fat. I knew I was going to either make things a lot better, or they would end up getting much worse. It's nearly a decade later and my activity level has completely transformed.

You can't be good for your kids or anyone else unless you are good for yourself first. Many of us put our needs and health dead last, but eventually you learn by taking care of yourself as a priority, everyone else ends up better off too.