Get approved for weight loss surgery?

on 9/12/22 7:06 pm - SUGAR LAND, TX

Why does it take long get approved for weight loss surgery? Could I get approved quick since I weight 589 lbs

on 9/13/22 8:27 am
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Most insurance have their own requirements and many of the surgical programs do to. The first thing I would do is contact my insurance company to find out what the coverage options and requirements are. If you're not using insurance but are self pay, you likely can skip that step and just understand the surgical requirements for the practice you go with.

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There are requirements that need to be met before one is approved for WLS by both the insurance and surgeon performing the surgery. It really doesn't matter how much you weigh. The first step would be getting a referral to a bariatric surgeon if you haven't already.

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Kathleen W.
on 9/13/22 3:27 pm - Lancaster, PA

There's areas that need to addressed first) 1) a six month supervised diet, 2) medical testing, 3) a psych evaluation, etc.

The process could take 6-9 months.

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on 9/14/22 1:12 pm

I would google free Bariatric classes near me . Many weight loss surgeons hold informational classes where they show the various types of surgeries available , discuss the pros and negatives of each and answer questions.

If you post here your approximate geographic area members will tell you about their experiences with various local Bariatric docs .
(((()))) Good luck starting your exciting journey to a new healthier life !

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