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on 9/21/22 2:38 pm

Good evening,

My BMI is 33 and I've contacted several bariatric surgeons who have advised I need a BMI of 35. I have several co-morbities. However, my primary and my nutritionist tell me that I can be approved for the surgery. Does anyone have any experience with NYSHIP? Have you been approved with a lower BMI? Please advise. Just starting my journey. Thank you ;)

on 9/24/22 7:21 am - CA

The 35 (with comorbidities)/40 (without)BMI is pretty much industry standard in the US, so it's unlikely to find coverage outside those limits. Some surgeons may go to lower levels on a cash basis, but most in the US stick to the industry standards. The lap bands (and I think balloons as well) have been FDA approved for BMI 30 and above, so that may be what your PCP and RD are referring to, but neither are particularly viable or long term options, though may have some benefit in special cases.

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on 9/26/22 10:48 am

Eat Chinese food and salty snacks the night before your weigh in ....keep eating salty and sipping liquids until you step on the scale -

bet you end up 35 !

good luck !

on 9/26/22 3:04 pm

Don't know a lot about you and asking for surgeries.

The surgery can't fix stuff. You'll have a period of not eating... If done correctly, only 75% of access body fat could be lost.... are you looking to lose fat that's even part of your healthy fat stores? Lower body fat is harder to get rid of and you have to exercise even before the surgery.

Just the surgery? You need to practice using all the tools. TOOLS: exercise/ coping skills learned in a bariatric pre-op training/ hydration/ vitamins/ bariatric foods and menus working collectively with the surgery. If you're low already you will just be that much lower can it could expose you to other issues related to excessive weight loss. A surgeon won't risk your life to losing small amounts of body fat.

There are lots of websites with professional bariatric support and your personal doctor evaluating your private medical history, and then bariatric case managers, and bariatric psychologists to help you with you managing your health and weight necessities. Check out the folks on YouTude Vlogs that are/ did/ go through it and learn from them. This is a journey that was meant to be the last resort to health and wellness.


on 9/28/22 8:19 am

I too was an extreme " lightweight " ( lol I had eighty lbs to lose!)

Which I am MUCH happier and healthier feeling keeping off 12 years post op along with my co-morbities high blood pressure and diabetes neither of which I need to medicate anymore.

Most " lightweights" qualify for bariatric surgery because of serious and life shortening co morbidities . Its very important health wise to get rid of those if at all possible and bariatric surgery very often succeeds in doing that - a virtual miracle !

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