Please Share Your Favorite Snack Food Hacks!

on 9/29/22 10:42 am, edited 9/29/22 10:44 am

Whether its the cold or the ? hidier? clothes when weather turns is the WORST time of the year for me snack temptation wise.

Ive been struggling not to indulge in full fat sweets and real cheese ( which is half butterfat unfortunately) not to mention those devil-made ? baked? rippled potato chips ?

What are your favorite HEALTHY and LOW CAL snack go tos this season?

mine are old fashioned ? kettle cooked ? ( but the kettle is actually a teflon coated electric cooker bottom with a wire thingy to toast and roll the corn kernels making them taste nutty) popcorn made without oil and raisins w butter buds ( freeze dried butter solids 100% fat free- sold as popcorn topping but i use it in everything) and sometimes mixed with lowfat microwave popcorn .

A huge bowl is hours of munchtime and you wont wear it ( or regret it ) the morning! Kids and guests love it too !

here is the ? old fashioned? popcorn maker i use ( $21 bux from Walmart)

2) spanakopita ( fresh spinach and fat free feta filled phillo dough pastries or roll) . Phyllo dough is very easy to make virtually fat free ( i use spray oil , plain breadcrumbs or ground hazelnuts sprinkled between sheets and a bit of butter buds for flavor) and a sweated golden chopped onion, three cloves chopped garlic toasted, a bag of fresh spinach and a package if fat free feta and 1/2 package fat free kraft mozzarella and greek spice mix ( or salt n pepper) for the filling)

3) air fried sweet potato fries

4) hot fat free or very lowfat soups - super filling and warming and very low calorie.

5) fat free low sugar and high protein (Kodiak mixes! ) homemade baked treats in small quantities ( had to consciously train myself to do half and quarter recipes) - like fresh fruit cobblers and crisps , mini muffins, ginger cookies even occasionally sugar free brownies.

6) believe it or not Lettuce! You can eat a ton of it and Romaine for instance or chopped cabbage stands up great to warm low cal dressings like Thai peanut sauce or Miso/ ginger/sesame.

what are YOUR fall favorites?

on 10/7/22 2:29 am

Never heard of spanakopita before. It sounds yummy FinallyBecomingMe.

When I really need to chow down on something and can't help myself I reach for rough oat crackers smothered in hoummus.

And, often not the low fat variety.

on 10/27/22 9:01 pm

Hi there...I keep tons of small amounts of food in my pockets!! You ready; all nuts (almond, walnuts, ect), seeds (sunflower, pumpkin), rye crackers, other whole wheat crackers, raisins. When I feel my blood pressure dropping, I'll pop something into my mouth.

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