Nervous and Fear of weight loss surgery

on 10/1/22 9:23 pm - SUGAR LAND, TX

I dont know why have nervous and Fear of weight loss surgery I guess one could be I'm afraid what might happen to my children if I don't make through surgery, a other reason is weight over 500 lbs might I might not handle surgery well.

White Dove
on 10/2/22 1:45 am - Warren, OH

I revised my will and final arrangements before surgery. After surgery I felt great and was back to work six days later. I always prepare for the worst outcome and then go ahead with my plans and hope for the best outcome.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 10/3/22 5:46 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

Mortality rate on RNY is 0.3%. It's even lower on sleeve (I can't remember exactly what it was since I was an RNY patient, but i do remember it was lower). That means you have a 99.7% or better chance of not dying on the table. And you won't. A common fear, but it almost never happens. You have a much greater chance of dying of an obesity-related complication than you do not making it through bariatric surgery.

RNY 06/03/15 by Michael Garren (Madison, WI)

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on 10/3/22 10:17 pm

You should probably be more nervous about what might happen if you don't have the surgery. It's a lot higher risk to your family.

One thing the nurse told me before I had my surgery that stuck with me ~ All patients are nervous and results vary, but in her 20 years of working in the field, no one has ever asked for the fat back.

on 10/24/22 12:57 pm

I fully support your position. I am a member of the future patient's family (at least I hope so), and I understand that inaction can lead to more disastrous consequences. It's normal to be afraid of change, but it's not normal to understand that you are on edge and do nothing.
The nurse's words cheered me up.

on 10/6/22 10:54 am

Youre in NY now right?

I can recommend a wonderful Bariatric team for you in Manhattan who have an entire floor at one of the best hospitals in NY.

They will work with you to immediately get insurance approval and will do everything your insurance requires counseling, blood test, heart test wise on site and quickly. Dr. Parikh the head surgeon has over 15 years daily experience and he did an amazing job on me both with the surgery but particularly with caring followup.

Every six months I receive a text that its time for my blood draw and the detailed results are painstakingly explained to me and vitamins prescribed if i need them.

In addition the team helps qualify their patients for panniculectomies , medically necessary skin removal sand lymphodema treatment without insurance complications and again in the safest and best hospital without copays if at all possible

on 10/13/22 3:38 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

I think one reason that we fear this surgery more than others is that we think of it differently. If you had some other medical condition, and the best treatment was surgery, you'd still be nervous, but you probably wouldn't be plagued with so much doubt and guilt.

All my worry was wasted effort; my surgery went smoothly. For a few hours afterward I was feeling pretty sorry for myself, not really in pain and not much nausea, but just weak and vulnerable like you feel after any surgery. By the morning I felt ready to get up and dance! And then the weight started coming off. Today I have a normal BMI, slightly on the low side. It was such an exciting time.

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