I canâ??t get myself to go to a dr, so humiliated. I really need to tho I gained 70lbs and...

on 10/8/22 8:22 pm

I gained 70 lbs most of which is fat on my stomach. My waist is 44inches on a skinny day. I weigh about 180 lbs I was 110to135 till 2 years or so ago. I just stopped caring what I ate and porked up to this. I know abdominal fat is particularly dangerous and I snore really bad now and my knees and ankles hurt and I get outta breath after like 3 stairs. I don?t know if I?m technically obese enough to get help, but I look it. Mi body fat is almost 50% and my fat waist I thought mite qualify me but I?m so embarrassed. I have no good reason for getting so fat . What?s a visit like if u go to your pcp for a fat belly?

Kathleen W.
on 10/9/22 5:42 pm - Lancaster, PA

First thing: forgive yourself. You're human.

2: get back on track. Either go back to basics with your surgery type, try WW (or some other kind of eating plan like the Mayo Clinic diet, etc)

3) What ever you do for exercise, start. It doesn't matter if it walking, water aerobics, etc.

4) Revision?

5) Is therapy an option?

and finally

6) Don't ever give up!!!!!

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on 10/10/22 7:22 am, edited 10/10/22 12:23 am

Hey ! Im an apple shape too and there ARE advantages- like nice legs which are a Very hard spot for most people to lose from .

We have an accountability thread on the RNY board where a ton of us post our menus and planned exercise every day and also our failures.

It really helps me at least realize what in my life is overall wrong ( like huge amounts of stress in my case) that lead to overeating and under exercising.

Many of us also work with a therapist in order to live our best lives .

Regarding food - I would try eating as clean as possible for a few days and posting and meanwhile researching weigh****chers ( and other plans ) which work for maintenance for many Bariatric veterans- and obtaining the fitness equipment , music and outfits to encourage daily exercise and then starting .

Walking is FANTASTIC and safe and you dont even need sneakers to do it just normal clothes and comfortable shoes.

I try to get out there in midday even in the winter for an hour or so calling it my lunch break !

(((()))) hugs - weve all felt the way you described!

Youre here now and yes you can come back even better and healthier and leaner ( if you prefer) from this !

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