I canâ??t get myself to go to a dr, so humiliated. I really need to tho I gained 70lbs and...

on 10/15/22 9:57 am

I gained 70 lbs most of which is fat on my stomach. My waist is 44inches on a skinny day. I weigh about 180 lbs I was 110to135 till 2 years or so ago. I just stopped caring what I ate and porked up to this. I know abdominal fat is particularly dangerous and I snore really bad now and my knees and ankles hurt and I get outta breath after like 3 stairs. I don?t know if I?m technically obese enough to get help, but I look it. Mi body fat is almost 50% and my fat waist I thought mite qualify me but I?m so embarrassed. I have no good reason for getting so fat . What?s a visit like if u go to your pcp for a fat belly?

Kathleen W.
on 10/18/22 7:36 am - Lancaster, PA

First, forgive yourself. Keep blaming yourself is only going to make the problem worse.

Second, knowing there's a problem is the first step towards correcting the underlying issues.

Third, set a course of action, whether seeing a counselor or psychologist that deals with weight issues.


Fourth, find a weight loss program that program that teaches proper nutrition, support, and teaches how to handle head hunger as opposed to physical hunger.

When you do see your pcp, you can tell them how you are addressing the issues at hand. Believe me, there are so many in the same boat as you.

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