What are some way I can stay Motivated

on 12/31/22 2:36 pm

I weigh 580 pounds and I just worried how can I stay Motivated, because I get discouraged very easily. I'm hope some can help me answer my question

on 1/1/23 8:33 am
RNY on 02/14/18

Set small goals for yourself, 1 or 2 at a time, and master those before you add the next one...and then keep building like that. I think that people lose motivation when they try to do too many things or something huge at one time, vs making small bite sized changes and then building on those and celebrating the small wins as you meet those goals.

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on 1/16/23 5:04 am

I totally agree that a vision is so important to stay on track. Often previous attempts to lose weight with both a positive and negative results can sometimes make us lose confidence. Please keep your chin up. If I can provide some guidance that I find works and it may appear a little odd. Trying to follow a lifestyle where you are perfectly doing everything required every single day, can and often does become very difficult. It is important to to have some flexibility. The 80-20 rule. Yes be on track and do everything you can 80% of the time then the remaining 20% we need to accept the option that we eat differently, may eat a little more and may be less active. The next step would be to be ok with this and accept it as part of life. This will make it easier to stay on track and be motivated. Also another note to keep in mind is revel and enjoy the better quality of life you have by losing your current amount of weight. celebrate the journey just as much as the final result you are seeking. Wishing you all the best of luck

on 1/6/23 8:42 am

Motivation can come from looking at your kids...wanting to watch those boys grow up healthy. With you. You need to do this for you. Mirror self talks. Every morning, look jn that mirror and says this is my life. I am strong. I am succeeding. I will win".

Write a journal with food rgc on it, but also 10 things you are grateful. 5 of those ...grateful for what your body can do.

Move around every day. Use a watch. See how much further you can go jn that time tomorrow. Get your kids to write 10 post it notes that say nice things about you. Then, allow them to hide them jn the house for you. X0

Hope this is a good start! We need to start a buddy club.