Help please

on 2/22/23 9:49 am

Had gastric bypass done 1mo ago, is there a test like an US, to make sure indeed a bypass was done and not a sleeve.

Please help ?

on 2/23/23 8:13 am - Putnam, CT
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Besides getting a barium swallow test if you have your surgical notes it will tell you what type of surgery you had done.

Why are you questioning what surgery you had? Are you having issues?

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Agree. If for some reason you're questioning what happened during your surgery, making a request for the operative report from records department at the medical facility where it was performed is a good way to go. I am doing the aame to have copies for my records and it's a bit of a process.

Not sure of any other process outside of talking to your surgeon/doctors if there are issues or concerns.

Hope you're okay!

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on 2/25/23 5:11 am

Yes, there are imaging tests that can be used to confirm whether a gastric bypass surgery has been performed. One common test used for this purpose is an upper gastrointestinal (GI) series or X-ray.

on 2/27/23 9:26 am
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Depends what you mean by a test. 8 years ago when I had sleeve surgery a few months later I had an endoscopy done (for unrelated reasons) and as an aside I also knew the surgeon had indeed done a sleeve.