We Overcome Obesity, We Overcome Compulsive Eating, And Overcome Binge Eating Our...

on 3/18/23 7:21 pm
Mini Gastric Bypass on 02/06/20

Hi Bariatric Family,

Bariatric Surgery help saves lives. It is a way to help people who battling Obesity to regain their lives back and health... People are battling Obesity, Compulsive Eating, (Binge Eating Disorders) all of you are not alone who battling this. People should be more supportive and show empathy be very sympathetic toward others people.

I support, inspire, and motivate people in a positive way who are seeking help trying to overcome their battling Obesity and overcome battling Eating Disorder. I let them know they are not alone with this struggle!! I wish People would learn to be supportive instead of trying to condemn people who suffering eating disorders.

I am very sympathetic and respect others. Others should respect others regardless... If you are battling Obesity, battling Compulsive Eating or battling Binge Eating Disorder(s) now, Please, never never never let no one make you feel battling Compulsive Eating, Binge Eating(Food Addition) you should feel depressed or ashamed... It nothing to be ashamed of....We do not worry about opinions of others. We are too blessed too be stressed!!!!! We are continuing to support, uplift one another

We continue to thrive on our continuing Weight Loss Journey Success and we keep shinning bright reaching for the stars

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