Thinking about weight loss surgery

on 5/3/23 1:26 pm - Calexico, CA

I am considering weight loss surgery, it was my doctor who suggested it. I was considering a lap band, but I am not seeing much information about it.

Where does one start in this process?

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on 5/4/23 7:06 am - Irvine, CA

Welcome to OH.

You will probably find that more people have gravitated away from the lap band and opted for the VSG (Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy) Since you are just starting the journey, I would definitely research all three surgery types Gastric Bypass (RNY) VSG and Lap Band. There are forums for each of those surgery types, but Lap band probably has the least activity at this time, since many have converted to an RNY or VSG.

If you post some questions on either of those boards asking if anyone has had the lap band and revised to a new surgery type, they might be able to answer some of your questions as to why they did it.

But, to answer your question regarding where do you start, the best option is to determine if your insurance carrier will cover the procedure, which surgeon is in your network, and then attend a webinar or seminar to learn more about that surgeon and the procedures they perform.

If you need help with determining if your insurance will cover the surgery, our team of Member Service Rep can assist you. Just email [email protected] and let them know you would like some assistance and they will send you what they need to verify your insurance and assist you in locating a surgeon.

Best of luck!

on 5/6/23 1:44 pm

If your dr performs the lap band, you should file the lawsuit for incompetence before he performs the procedure. I think it's illegal in most of Europe.

I thought I wanted the lap band initially but gravitated to a Sadi DS in 2014. It's been a home run.

on 8/28/23 4:05 am

Lap-Band surgery is slower than any other weight loss surgery. It leads to less weight loss. You should concern again with your doctor before taking any step in order to save yourself from any drawbacks.

on 9/15/23 6:23 am, edited 9/17/23 10:05 pm - Bastrop, LA, LA
VSG on 10/28/16

When I was researching this stuff, I started by talking to people who've already gone through it, and they recommended talking to Dr. Treen from the Surgical Clinic Of Louisiana. He answered all my questions and was also the doc who managed my surgery.

Another advice is to check if your insurance covers this kind of surgery. I am covered at Covering Central Florida, and they covered my bariatric surgery with no questions. It was a big relief for my pocket.

You could consider their insurance plan to avoid all the costs. To find more information, you can read about when is open enrollment 2024, and there you will find all the details to get their plan.

on 9/15/23 12:25 pm - Calexico, CA

I don't live in Louisiana.

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