Need Advice -4th surgery now.

on 9/26/23 2:21 am - Charleston, WV

I have had 2 hernia repairs due to my Open RNY back in 2008. My last repair was in 2011 at Mayo, where they repaired the hernia and lined my stomach with mesh, and I have had no issues.

I have now been advised that my gallbladder has stones and it should come out. The surgeon wants to do this LAP, but has 100% advised me that i am at elevated risk due to all the previous surgeries, mesh may have adhered to other organs, vain, and she might have to open me up to get the gallbladder out. Odds at 50/50.

Other facts. I have been diagnosed wtih Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) is a condition characterized by deficiency of the exocrine pancreatic enzymes, resulting in the inability to digest food properly, or maldigestion along with IBS.

Has anyone had galdbladder removed after having mesh placed to repair hernia?

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on 9/26/23 3:29 am
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Good morning,

I don't have mesh but I did have my gallbladder out in February. I then got bile reflux and we're hypothesizing BAD and/or SIBO. Only mentioning since you have other GI issues and malabsorption already, so something to potentially keep in mind. I was on PPIs that may have contributed more to the second but BAD is definitely related to GB removal.

I hope your mesh hasn't adhered and that surgery is able to be done laparoscopically. I'm sure the last thing any of us want is more surgery. Best wishes.

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on 11/13/23 10:50 pm

I haven't gone through it myself, but I've heard gallbladder removal after a hernia mesh surgery can be tricky due to potential adhesions. Talk to your surgeon for more details and maybe reach out to others who've been through it for advice.

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on 11/20/23 10:19 am

I have had gallbladder removed with hernia mesh and have not had a problem. The only thing was they couldn't do Lap and had to have my stomach cut open to remove it. So far everything is good and I had that surgery in 2013.

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