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How to Eat a Healthy Diet Without Leaving Your Taste Buds or Wallet Behind!
by Margaret Furtado, MS, RD, LDN, RYT and Chef Joseph Ewing, BA Culinary Nutrition, AS Culinary Arts

It?s 2010, and some most of us are hurting from the past few years of financial struggle. So for this year, let?s try cutting down on the cost of food, while still keeping the same quality of food, or even improving it.

Having healthy and delicious foods do not have to break the bank! Trying for fresh produce is always great, but frozen produce is a good alternative, and is usually less expensive. Stock your freezer with a few bags of frozen vegetables or fruit so you can have them available whenever you need them. Also, many grocery stores have sales on frozen vegetables, such as ?buy three for $5.00? and...Read More and have a chance to WIN a copy of Eat Well after Weight Loss Surgery

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Featured Recipe
Strawberry Greek Yogurt

8 oz, 0% Fat Greek Yogurt (Fage or Wal-Mart?s Oikos)
1/2 cup fresh strawberries
Sugar free strawberry syrup to taste (Torani or DaVinici)
1/4 cup of Muesli
1 scoop...Read More

*Recipe submitted by Kathy S.- Support Services Associate

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Featuring: tillmacc
I used to hear the old saints say "New Levels, New Devils", "meaning the higher you progress the bigger the problems). I am finding that to be true in life and even in my weight loss journey. Since my weight loss journey began at 243 lbs in January (working towards the 10% weight loss required by Blue Cross) I am down to 185.5. I have lost a total of 57.5 lbs and 24% of my total body weight, Since surgery on Sept 14 I have lost 28.5 lbs and 36% of my excess weight (when calculated against a goal of 135 lbs).

My diabetes meds were discontinued while I was in the hospital for RNY and my...Read More

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