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on 11/1/22 6:57 am
Topic: RE: Latex Mattress

Thanks Partlypollyanna.
Sounds like you had a great experience with switching to latex.

As you say, I don't think an all memory foam is a good choice. It has that dead feel that makes it difficult to move around in. I've done a little research too. The saatva looks like a solid option. And there are some clear advantages of latex mattress for heavy people - not just the natural bounce. This is a good round up here - latex mattress pros and cons. They're hypoallergenic and good for allergies. And they are eco friendly.

Do you think you need to get one that has a spring base with latex on top? I was thining of going all latex. But I hadn't really thought about mixing it up with a combination of springs and latex. It would probably help with getting in and ut of bed?


on 10/27/22 3:58 am
Topic: RE: Latex Mattress

Is a latex mattress a good type of mattress for a heavy person? My spring mattress needs replacing and I'm trying to figure out whether to get a latex mattress or a memory foam.

Most people use memory foam mattresses now but I've been reading they don't have the bounce needed to help a large person move when in the bed. memory foam can be difficult to move from side to side.

Is latex good for someone plus size do you know?

I don't want to fork out a lot of money and then realize it was a stupid idea.


on 10/17/22 3:23 am
Topic: RE: Mal Absorption of Protein Causing Sub-Dermal Edema ... Anyone Else ???

Hey MOAKEN, sorry to hear about your struggles.

Wishing you the best and hope you are ok.

Fingers crossed the docs can get to the bottom of it for you.

on 10/7/22 2:29 am
Topic: RE: Please Share Your Favorite Snack Food Hacks!

Never heard of spanakopita before. It sounds yummy FinallyBecomingMe.

When I really need to chow down on something and can't help myself I reach for rough oat crackers smothered in hoummus.

And, often not the low fat variety.

on 9/29/22 6:51 am
Topic: RE: Nervous about surgery, advice?

Hi Kamafu

Don't worry about being able to swallow your Anit-depressant pill.

You can always bit into it and let it dissolve under your tongue.

But maybe check with your doc first.

That's what i do. It doesn't taste nice - but it's a super easy way to take them


on 1/1/21 4:06 am
Topic: RE: Weight Loss By Sauna

I don't know. I've been looking into it and apparently you need to drink three pints of water in a sauna - see here.

So perhaps that tight dress and tight pants will be a struggle after all.

on 12/31/20 8:17 am
Topic: RE: Weight Loss By Sauna

Hi White Dove, i've never had the need to squeeze into a tight dress.

Thanks for the tip though.

:) :D

on 12/30/20 5:03 am
Topic: RE: Weight Loss By Sauna

Is it possible to loss weight by spending time in the sauna?

There are lots of claims on the internet that you can lose weight in the sauna but is it actually possible

- AW

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