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on 6/4/22 4:29 pm
Topic: RE: I?m back / I Got Cold Feet

Hi friends, I was in this group, then I left it. I had my initial appointments scheduled with my surgeon, the dietician and my psych eval, had cleared things with insurance, then got really cold feet and decided I wasn't going through with it. Well this past week I had another new weight related health diagnosis that shouldn't be something a 31 year old should be diagnosed with, my weight is still climbing, got told by two different doctors they won't treat my pain because it's my weight causing the pain, so I've emailed my coordinator at Dr. Houston's office and plan on calling Monday to get appointments back on the schedule.

I guess I just need some reassurance that it's ok to go back and forth with commitment in the beginning?

on 5/9/22 8:10 am
Topic: RE: Appointments TODAY!

Initial appointments today!

Meeting with my Bariatric surgeon at 10:30 am, appointments with the dietician and exercise specialist after!!!!

I'm so anxious, excited, nervous.

Ready to do this, been waiting a long time.

The health issues have piled on as of late and my weight keeps climbing.

Starting weight today of 284.2 pounds, height 5'1" and BMI 53.7.

on 5/5/22 6:50 pm
Topic: RE: First Appointments

After waiting forever,, health declines, weight gain, progressing toward my fear weight of 300+, (currently 272 pounds, 5'1" BMI 52.4), I have my first appointments with my hopeful Bariatric team on Monday!!!

on 5/5/22 6:47 pm, edited 5/5/22 6:52 pm
Topic: RE: Terrified and exhausted

What a journey it has been lately.

I?ve gained nearly ten pounds in two weeks...slowly creeping up to a number I fear. At 5?1? I?m now 272 pounds, BMI 52.4.

I originally was diagnosed with multiple right upper lobe PEs on 4/16. I was not originally admitted, just sent home on Xarelto.

Fast forward to last week, I was admitted for a few days on the cardiology floor for a work up due to a return of symptoms.

No new clots, but was diagnosed with Right Ventricle enlargement and Pulmonary Hypertension via a right heart cath.

Got discharged, saw pulmonology yesterday, did a walk test, scheduled to come back for PFTs.

Last night was feeling worse, high Hr and BP, severe headache, re admitted. Had some basic labs and tests today, they felt comfortable discharging me.

Got home an hour ago, started feeling short of breath, dizzy, nauseous again.

Checked BP and it?s really high. Going to rest a bit and re check.

Don?t want to end up back in the hospital. So exhausted...sick of my weight slowly killing me.

I have my initial consults with my Bariatric Surgeon, nutritionist and exercise specialist on Monday (it just got scheduled today) so there?s the beginning of a light, but I?m exhausted.

Please pray my BP comes down and I don?t end up back at the hospital.

on 4/22/22 6:37 pm
Topic: RE: A delay

Well, I've hit a little bit of a bump in the road.

The appointment I had with the WLS surgeon on the 25th had to be canceled as that particular clinic is out of network with my insurance, but they didn't tell me until 2 days ago.

I immediately reached out to another clinic and they ARE confirmed to be in network. They explained the steps required by my insurance.

First they requested records from my PCP yesterday. Once those are received, they'll schedule a consultation with their WLS, then I'll have to have a psych eval and a nutrition assessment.

So the process is slowed down a little, but I'm determined to make this happen.

on 4/19/22 10:36 am
Topic: RE: No Excuses

My initial appointment with my WLS surgeon is in 6 days...and I'm 100% committed to showing up and beginning this process of healing my mind, my body, my soul. 31 years of destroying it have caught up with me and now my body is screaming that it's hurting...if I don't turn this around it'll give out. I had appointments for consults scheduled over a year and a half ago but kept backing out and in that time I gained close to 80 pounds, blood pressure/cholesterol/heart rate and sugars climbed, other things whole body hurts.

It's time for surrender and change. I'm going to that appointment on the 25th...NO EXCUSES.

on 4/19/22 3:59 am
Topic: RE: Non Scale Victories

Question for those further along...what have been some of your "non scale" victories or changes?

Things I'm hoping improve with surgery include things like mobility. At 31, I'm having to rely on a walker to get around. I can't climb stairs or walk more than 5 minutes without being winded. I can't bend over to tie my shoes or put on socks. My back and joints hurt all the time. I'm on an extensive medication regime and see many specialists just to stay alive.

And of course there's the more concrete medical things, like having sugars that never drop below the 150s, body being more acidotic, rapidly climbing lipid levels, angina and chest pain, and my extremely high BP that seems to be resistant to meds, climbing risk of cardiac things like not being able to fit in public places that normal size people don't struggle with...

I'm just so hopeless and sick of this life and am ready to commit to life style changes before during and after the surgery process to start living a new whole life with a much healthier self.

I've been overweight my whole life. I tipped past 150 before I turned 18 and I remember the pediatrician raising major concerns to my mom about my weight, but because she too was immensely obese and didn't do anything about it, my weight continued to climb even as a kid. I think the last time i was in a normal weight range was when I was a very young kid...

on 4/18/22 9:15 pm
Topic: RE: What a Day...another wake up call

Finally back from the ER after spending pretty much the whole day there. It took them a long time to stabilize my BP and heart rate enough to feel safe sending me home. The tests they did showed no extra strain on my heart from my PE's, but the chest x ray did show slight / mild pleural effusion which they said should clear on its own.

My BP hovered in the 170s/100s for a good while at the ER and with IV anti hypertensives they finally got it down to basically as low as mine gets right now, even with taking Calan and Lopressor...down to 142/88 when they discharged me with a heart rate of 110. (Down from the 130s when I got there)...

I also spoke my WLS surgeon's office and everything is officially confirmed for my initial appointment on April 25. I am feeling all the emotions.

I also see my PCP the 20th, cardiology the 21st, hypertension clinic the 21st, and neurology the 22nd.

All important appointments to get myself in the best shape I can be for surgery and to hopefully help manage some of my chronic co morbid conditions, especially to get my BP down as it sits between 140s/90s to 160s+/100s with two hypertensives and I know it's putting a huge strain on my body.

on 4/18/22 9:13 pm
Topic: RE: Hitting a Rock Bottom / wake up call

Thank you. I can do this...I can make a change for myself for a healthier life.

on 4/18/22 9:34 am
Topic: RE: Hitting a Rock Bottom / wake up call

I am ready to make a change. This has gotten me to a really dark place and I need the help.

on 4/17/22 6:44 pm
Topic: RE: New Here...finally scheduled initial consultation

Thank you.

I had another "wake up call" moment yesterday. Ended up in the ER with chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness and weakness. Was concerned about my heart again and it turns out I have multiple pulmonary embolisms at 31. My health is very poor and I'm afraid of dying young if I don't get this surgery.

on 4/17/22 11:57 am
Topic: RE: Hitting a Rock Bottom / wake up call

I think I've hit my rock bottom with my weight and the life I'm 31, I'm slowly killing my self with food and that's shaken me.

My recent ER visits with cardiac / stroke concerns have really shaken me. They've been wake up calls, honestly.

Just last night I was back in the ER with a diagnosis of a pulmonary embolism so now I'm on blood thinners on top of my already lengthy medication regime for all of my illnesses. At arrival to the ER my BP was 178/108 and a heart rate of 137. This is with anti hypertensive / arrhythmic meds already on board.

I can barely walk without getting totally winded, constantly in pain, labs getting worse and's time for change.

on 4/16/22 10:14 am
Topic: RE: New Here...finally scheduled initial consultation

Hi all,

my name is Carrielee and I am 31 years old.

I have battled being overweight / obesity since I was a young child and I've finally gotten the courage to taking the steps toward a healthier self.

At 31, I'm 5 feet tall and weigh 278 pounds, at a BMI of 54.29, it's time to do this.

I suffer from a myriad of weight related health conditions and fear an early death if I don't take control of my weight and health.

I suffer from acid reflux, hypertension, high cholesterol, Type II diabetes, arthritis, limited mobility, chest pain/angina, sleep apnea, liver disease...I'm slowly killing myself and I'm tired of it.

Any tips for a first consult with a WLS surgeon? My appointment is on April 25.

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