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on 3/18/23 7:21 pm
Topic: RE: We Overcome Obesity, We Overcome Compulsive Eating, And Overcome Binge Eating Our Success Shines

Hi Bariatric Family,

Bariatric Surgery help saves lives. It is a way to help people who battling Obesity to regain their lives back and health... People are battling Obesity, Compulsive Eating, (Binge Eating Disorders) all of you are not alone who battling this. People should be more supportive and show empathy be very sympathetic toward others people.

I support, inspire, and motivate people in a positive way who are seeking help trying to overcome their battling Obesity and overcome battling Eating Disorder. I let them know they are not alone with this struggle!! I wish People would learn to be supportive instead of trying to condemn people who suffering eating disorders.

I am very sympathetic and respect others. Others should respect others regardless... If you are battling Obesity, battling Compulsive Eating or battling Binge Eating Disorder(s) now, Please, never never never let no one make you feel battling Compulsive Eating, Binge Eating(Food Addition) you should feel depressed or ashamed... It nothing to be ashamed of....We do not worry about opinions of others. We are too blessed too be stressed!!!!! We are continuing to support, uplift one another

We continue to thrive on our continuing Weight Loss Journey Success and we keep shinning bright reaching for the stars

on 3/18/23 5:43 pm
Topic: RE: Be Motivated Always! Do not Give Up!

Hi Bariatric Family,

I have been battling Obesity and battling Eating Disorder for over 10 years. I tried the Weight Management previous years before. I had a personal trainer, I was going to the gym, and I cut back on my calorie's intakes. Overall, I was able to lose 125 pounds. I was able to maintain and not regained the weight loss for 5 months the most. I was not able to lose any more weight I reached a Plateau!!! I spend more hours at the gym and ate food being mindful of calories intakes. I eventually, regained all 125 pounds I loss and regained additional over 100 pounds extra weight that I had to battle with ongoing.

I was wearing a Size 4X and 5X in jackets, a Size 5X to a Size 6X in pants, blouses, and clothes in general.. I always had to utilize an extension seat belt riding in the car, and this was my reason avoiding taking an airplane. I was almost 400 pounds. I decided to have the "Gastric Bypass Surgery" this surgery was the right fit for me because I needed to lose over 100 pounds. On February 6, 2020, I had the Gastric Bypass Surgery. I had no side effects and I did not have any complications. I followed my Bariatric Surgeon guidelines and per instructions very "Important." I had a License Dietitian they give us support and guidance what food to avoid after the Bariatric Surgery (Post Op). The Dietitian is there to continue to assist us on our weight loss journey success. It is "Important" to follow your License Dietitian guidelines per instructions too!!

My Weight Loss journey was a new amazingly transformation. I loss almost 180 pounds my 3 years Post Op was on February 6, 2023. I have not regained any weight back and continue to lose 2 pounds to 3 pounds a week. I wear a Size 12 in pants, a Size small in shirts (tops), a Size medium in skirts and dresses. My coats and jackets are a Size small/medium. I am enjoying each day abundantly of joyfulness and continuous great success on my weight loss journey success until this day. "By the amazing grace of God made it possible." I am always delighted to share my "True Testimony" to inspire and genuinely helping others to overcome their battling with Obesity and overcome their battling with Eating Disorder.

I continue to apply my Bariatric Surgeon guidelines and the License Dietitian I was receiving assistance from years ago their guidelines were always to eat in smaller portion and in moderation. I am very mindfully (aware) of healthy food to eat than food with high calories to not eat. I have adapted extremely well with my healthy eating patterns. I am delighted and continuing enjoying my amazingly new transformation every day! I keep my "Mindset" continuously motivated, discipline, fully committed, and strongly mindful is the key to not regain any weight back. This how you avoid weight gain and prevent setbacks!!!

I have a compassion for helping others in a positive way (that is what I do). We must continue to support and edify one another. If someone had a setback (regained weight) and need advice well, I support them how I am continuing to have weight loss success, then be supportive and give them guidance in helping them to reach their weight loss goals.

Our Weight Loss Journey is a Lifetime and a Lifetime Commitment for the rest of our lives. I would like to thank you kindly for taking the time to read my "True Testimony."



on 10/3/22 1:51 pm
Topic: RE: How Do You Deal With Boredom in a Non Food Related Way?

Hi SheryIh895,

Did you have a weight loss surgery? You have to stop eating your old habit trying to full a void. It will cause you to gain some of your weight back. Most obesity people are battling excessive eating like you said trying to feel a void. Starting today, I want you to begin with a strong positive mindset starting eating healthy foods this will become your new friends in eating healthy habits!!! I guarantee you will lose weight!

I was almost 400 pounds! I ate excessively and I knew I had to change my eating habits to a healthy eating habits! The old eating habits was putting on more pounds. I just started being motivated had a strong positive mindset just strictly being mindful of continuing to eat healthy new food and there is a lot of healthy new foods choices out there for you too eat!

I had a gastric bypass surgery in 2/06/2020 I discontinue the old eating habits which is not good for us this is what cause us to become obesity. I continue to remain motivated mindful of continuing to eat healthy foods in my daily routine. I keep a journal on all the foods intake! I continue to eat in smaller portions in moderation only each day. I loss 171 pounds. I was wearing 6X in clothes now I wear size 12 in clothes now.

Just stay motivated, have a strong positive mindset and be mindful of all that you eat! Just focus on eating the new healthy foods now this is our best friends now daily. The old eating habits were never our friends and we knew that but we continue to eat excessively.

People have to take control of their eating habit back and do not let food control you? Learn to eat in moderation, small portions, and being mindful of just focusing on eating healthy food this is our best new friend now! Well, hope this all help you a lot!!!

Wish you the best in your journal.

on 10/3/22 1:26 pm
Topic: RE: How Do You Deal With Boredom in a Non Food Related Way?

Hi have an answer for you! Yes! go get a pedicure, do some shopping, stop at Book and Nobles just relax look at some books. Sometimes, you can eat at an restaurant order something healthy sit and relax. Keep you a daily journey of your daily activities what food intakes you eat on a day to day basis!

you can began learning how to meditate for 20 minutes a day or join a physical gym in your area! I see you want to pull your self away from food!!!May I ask you a question? Did you have a weight loss surgery?

Just eat in smaller portions and in moderation each day take one day at a time. Blueberries ? helps me crave my appetite and makes me get full faster! and I eat few strawberries ð?". I drink fruit smoothies just include organic fruits less sugar. If you drink juice just dilute i****er. I drink protein Equate protein drinks 60 grams a day.

Bake chicken, steam vegetables, salad ð?¥-- is light meal eat in small portions. keep you some organic almonds and sunflower seeds without the shells. You can have turkey jerky another source of protein.

Do not think of food all day. Then you want to indulge in eating food. You need to start a gym, swimming, it is really good to meditate and keep a long book of your activities so you will know what area you need to work on the most. I hope this help... Best of wishes you can do this!!!!

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