Lost 180 lbs in 8 months 7 years ago. Gained half of it back. Trying something new

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Hi all, 


I just want to get some feedback and have some accountability. I had my RNY in April 2006. I lost 180 lbs in the next 8 months. My starting weight was 483. Slowly but surely, I've gained back half the weight  I lost. I also ended up with some pretty significant nutritional deficiencies. These made it difficult to move around and even be able to function normally let alone lose any weight. Going to the Dr. is a joke. Even my hematologist doesn't really "get" RNY and the effects that it has on the body. My husband and I desperately want to have another child. Nutritional deficiencies are messing that up as well. I have a friend who told me about a product she used. It is called Shakeology. It is like nutrient overkill. I wouldn't say its a protein shake but it does have protein in it. But that hasn't really been my problem. I NEED NUTRIENTS.  So I'm going to try it out for 30 days and let you all know how it goes. If I lose some weight that would be great but I know I need to supercharge my nutrition to get the scale moving in the right direction.  I need your support. Most others don't know the shame I feel and the pain I go through.  Iknow this surgery probably saved my life but I don't feel ike I'm necesssarily living just yet. Thanks in advance. 

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Hi Vickie!

A nutritionally sound body is indeed a must although at times difficult for us to obtain and maintain. I do know of a young lady that used the Shakeology product and gave it some good reviews. So, to sort of ease your mind in my honest opinion I believe she was fair about her judgment and ratings on the product. If you believe something may work for you then I say go for it. I just wanted to throw my pennies at ya'....well, I won't throw them at you; instead I'll just lay my two pennies on the table for you. Your admittance to weight regain and your mindset of being accountable with a positive attitude of getting back to the basics in order to get back on track is a thing that many of us weight loss surgery patients may have a difficult time doing. I know of many locals that seem not to care or even have any sort of shame about them for carelessly regaining their weight. Mind you though, I'm not saying that you were careless because many things happen to "us" that the common population doesn't understand and they are quick to judge us with at least one of their peon lines such as this one---"they have just regained all of that weight". I've heard it said about many and it's true that some don't care but there are others that have become ill and some weight regain was almost unavoidable. So, don't feel so bad instead keep going in a more positive direction, YOU have reasons to live and you can't let those that need you down.....so go for it.

Good luck!!

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I've found myself in a very similar situation. Just coming back to the site for support. I know this post was made a while back. Just taking a chance that you'd respond.

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