on 8/5/10 2:34 am - New York, NY
 Staying in shape and staying active are useful practices for a variety of reasons.  Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis in the U.S. right now and simply staying in shape and active are 100% effective means to treat joint pain created by this condition.

 I work for a marketing company that is working with the Arthritis Foundation and the Ad council to make people with Osteoarthritis more aware that staying active is the best way to prevent/treat OA associated joint pain. Moving is the best medicine!

 There is a great site here with some very entertaining and informative PSAs: Fightarthritispain.org

on 8/6/10 7:17 am
I disagree with this statement:

"...simply staying in shape and active are 100% effective means to treat joint pain created by this condition."

There is NO "100% effective" means to treat the joint pain caused by arthritis.
Brenda C.
on 8/6/10 10:27 am
No offense, but I am siding with MsBatt.  I came to this Forum mainly to find relief from my severe pain.  I have to get off NSAID's (I am pre-surgical), I do not want to use narcotics, and steroids are another area I would like to avoid.

I have so much pain with one leg, I did not realize ****il films of both) how bad they both are.  I had been very active up until seven years ago, so with the added weight, the pain, I have actually cried a couple of times before heading out to exercise.  I push myself to swim & walk, only to feel so debilitated after, I can barely take the pain just sitting.

Instinctively I know I have to keep moving, but I disagree it gives 100% results - just the opposite.

Brenda  : )~
on 8/9/10 10:20 am - New Orleans, LA
Keeping moving is essential.  TRUE.   It is definitely not a cure or even a treatment for OA.  You move to somehow prevent stiffness.   Moving does not repair damage to joints.  If you walk a lot and you have bone on bone knees,  you will not be doing yourself any good at all.  I know  from  personal experience.     i have been on anti inflammatories so long I cannot remember not taking them   Lately the generic form of Voltaren has given the best relief or the non generic arthrotec.  Much better than IBUPROFEN.   SYNVISC did not do much.  Steroids help but it is short lasting.  Replacement is realloy the only solution. 
on 8/10/10 7:52 am
Brenda, which form of WLS are you having? I surely HOPE it's the DS!!! Not only is the DS the surgery with the very BEST long-term, maintained weight loss---especially for those of us with a starting BMI greater than 50---it will also allow you to continue to take NSAIDs once you're healed from surgery. (You can't do that with the RNY, alas.) I know that *I* will always need my Aleve.

Have you tried the Lidoderm pain patches? Very good for localized pain. I also use a cream called keprocaine.
Brenda C.
on 8/10/10 9:03 am
MsBatt --

Nope, RNY, for a number of reasons, I actually do need to limit absorption. I have chronic constipation and my body holds onto EVERYTHING until completely used up.  I am looking forward to "voiding solid waste" more than once every OTHER day (sometimes three days without elimination).  Sounds blunt, but I have done a lot of research - I have a lot of medical factors against me, including too much iron in my blood.

I have tried Lidoderm, nitroglycerin (for improved blood flow to affected area), Keprocaine, ketoprofen, currently Volatren... My "****tail" of 800 mg IB with THREE Extra Strength Tylenol chasers, Oxycodone (my FAVORITE), Tramadol, Nabumetone, I know I am forgetting a few, but you get the idea ;)

The two latest Tramadol & Nabumetone is my attempt to find some relief without going the "hardcore" route.  Oxycodone is fabulous for me -- actually like "speed", but I want to keep away from true Opiates -- hence Tramadol.  The pain is incredible, but until I lose a significant amount of weight, I am trying to find something to make movement tolerable.   I also take Chondroitan, MSM, and Glucosamine.  I probably have the most expensive pee of any of my friends, but I am willing to take anything to make my situation better -- well, actually, NOT anything - I won't use illicit drugs or alcohol to bring relief ;)

I have had an Upper GI to make sure there is no damage from the YEARS of NSAID use, and I don't even have a hiatil hernia.  When I busted up my leg, I had it casted twice, given lifts for my shoes, outfitted myself with superior foot ware, but I have gotten fatter & the pain grows worse.  I have seen four specialists, the prognosis - 95% FAILURE rate for surgery.  This, even IF I lost all my weight.  But, I keep trying to move forward.

There are days all I want to do is cry.  I feel like giving up some moments, just to pick myself up, dust myself off, and tell myself to be a "big girl".  My primary doctor says she doesn't know how I do it, I just laugh -- "I take pain well!"  Both times I was in labor, I had nurses tell me I couldn't be -- until I was examined -- showing I was dilated to 6 cm!!!  After seven years of constant pain, I am just feeling tired of the battle.

Thanks for the reply!!!  Yup, I have tried a lot.  Guess I am stubborn :)~

Brenda  : )~
on 8/11/10 3:14 am
You do know that the RNY causes constipation, don't you? And that you do absorb MORE with the RNY than with the DS, right? Especially fat---'normal' people absorb about 92%, RNYers absorb around 62%, and DSers absorb a whopping 19%. I see many, many posts from RNYers who talk about living on laxatives, and having one BM a week.

I am SO sorry you're in such pain. I have a lot of chronic pain myself, but not as bad as yours. I will say that losing weight certainly HELPED, but I still take double the 'recommended' dose of NSAIDs and Tramadol every day. (Double NSAIDs, not Tramadol.) The first 75-80 pounds did the most good, but every pound since has helped, too. I'm still putting off hacing both my knees replaced---they tell me the longer I can hold out the better, since the replacement knees have a limited lifespan and I'm only 52. At this point, my feet are really giving me more pain than my knees, and there's nothing they can do about that.
Brenda C.
on 8/11/10 6:44 am
I hate to say something so "punny," but in my head I heard myself muttering "crap...."  You are the first person to ever tell me RNY patients tend towards constipation, ugh.  I was under the assumption that lowering the percentage of absorption would make my body less efficient - in a way.  And here, I thought I had done my homework...

I turn 43 next month, so I feel as you do, need to take the weight down significantly, to relieve some of the pain.  I realize that even having my body under compression all my life may have strengthened my bones & muscles, but the joints really aren't built to carry this much weight.  Too bad I did not get serious sooner.

HUGS to you MsBatt!  I am sorry about your constant pain, too.  Sucks, and no one can see it with the naked eye, so I just try to grin & bear it.  Sadly, it is the one co-morbidity that cannot be denied that is substantially caused by the weight alone.  Diabetes and high blood pressure (etc.) can happen to average, "normal" weight folks, but it is seriously a matter of time when joints eventually wear out.  I spent DECADES with my head in the sand -- I had been "healthy," strong, and fat.  Time showed my arrogance.  Hindsight is a powerful thing.  Optimism is also powerful...

B  : )~
on 8/11/10 7:01 am
Oh, there are constantly threads about RNYers and constipation! Do you read the Main board much? How about the RNY board? Come visit the DS board, too.

Lowering the absorption does make the body less efficient, and the DS does that more than the RNY does. Most DSers have 2 BMs a day---but most of us have them first thing in the AM, so it's not like we're on the toilet all day. (*grin*)

No one really knows exactly how much malabsorption of protein and complex carbs there is with any form of WLS, and I'm not certain there's an accurate way to test it. The fat per centages I mentioned were pretty easy to do, with a fecal fat test. (This is sometimes done on 'normal' people for various reasons.) It's estimated that DSers only absorb about half the protein and about 60% of the complex carbs we eat, but the RNYers seem to absorb more than we do, having less bypassed. The protein 'goals' DSers shoot for are 100 grams a day, minimum, while the RNYers shoot for 60 grams. A 'normal' healthy women should get about 50-60 grams, so---I take that to mean that the RNYers are absorbing nearly all the protein they eat, or at least their doctors think so. (*grin*)

Sometimes my pain IS visible to the naked eye---or it should be, when I'm hobbling across the parking lot. (*grin*) Sometimes I can walk normally, but sometimes I look like Chester from Gunsmoke.

Hang onto the optimism! And seriously, do come visit the DS board, and www.dsfacts.com
You may still decide the RNY is best for you, but make certain you know ALL the facts about both it and the DS before you go under the knife. There's a ****load (pun intended) of misinformation out there about the DS, and sadly a lot of it comes from medical 'professionals' who simply don't know the facts. Even more sadly, some of it comes from WL surgeons who don't have the skills to do the DS, or the inclination to learn.

I will say that the DS is NOT for everyone. It DOES require life-long diligence in taking vitamins and supplements, and getting regular lab work. (Of course, the RNY does, too, but it'll take you longer to die from neglect with the RNY. *grin*) And since it's less well-known, each of us has to be our own health-care advocate---but it sounds to me like you'd be ideal DS material.
sleeve genie
on 8/28/10 2:55 pm - Alhambra, CA
Hi Brenda,  i chose the sleeve because you can still take nsaids.  i have had a bad back most of my life, now  i have arthritis in my hip and have lived on ibuprophin? ibuprofin? i bought the 500 pill bottles and took them like candy,  I haven't taken any pain meds since the first two weeks pre op.  I can't believe the change and i read a post today that said that vit d can help a lot with arthritis,,well any inflammation really.  I assumed it was the weight that i have lost, 50 lbs today my three month anniversary.  But i think ive heard a lot of people are vit d deficient.  And that is a bad thing.  i was 30 on the pre op labs and dr prescribed vit d  which i got.   Then i read on the main forum that the best kind is dry d 3 so i got some,  took about 70K a week,  i got 5,000 IU and took 2 a day or maybe 4? can't remember now, anyway in a month when i got retested it went from 30-52 and im still taking them.  I wonder if this is a response to the weight loss and the vit d3 dry. Anyway  i won my appeal because i said i will always need NSAIDs but haven't needed to take them.  Funny  i still carry them around with me but i haven't taken any.  But i'm sure i'll need them again, they are really the only thing that ever worked for me.  vicodin  codein,  all that stuff makes me sick as a dog.   gives me itches and hives  and i think i'd rather be in pain than sick like that.    Anyway,  the vit d thing i think has really helped me.   I had to stop walking about may of last year,  the pain in my leg,  i was limping all over, ,moaning and grouning.  so look into the vitamin dry d3  best of luck to you  jeani
      the start of my brand new life was on 5/28/10
                      aka  jeaniwantsasleeve!!                  

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