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I am not a stranger to this board although I don't post much but I do read a lot.  I felt the need to post today just to share a bit with you about my challenges.  I thought I was doing very well at one time and I stop taking my vitamins and protein.  Well that's the wrong to do.  I started have complication with my vitamin D levels and my B-12 also with hair lose and excessive weight gain.  I was at the doctor's office almost every wee****il I was able to get my levels back up to where they needed to be.  According to my doctor OUR Vitamin D levels should be at 45 and OUR B-12 should be at 180 but my  Vitamin D was at 10 and my B-12 was at 97.  I was giving a prescription strength Vitamin D of 50,000 IU which I had to take for 2 months and a 2000 IU which was over the counter. I also had to take 1500 mg of calcium plus Vitamin D chewable.  I am happy to report my level is at 78  and my B-12 is at 191 now because I took and got myself back on track with my Vitamins and as for my protein I don't like the taste of the shakes so I eat lots of foods high in protein and those levels where good as well.  My hair is growning back and I have started losing the weight again. 

PLEASE TAKE ALL YOUR VITAMINS AND EAT YOUR PROTEIN.  Because believe me you will feel the different if you don't.  I thank God I was giving another chance to do it right.   

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Thanks for sharing.   I think we get lazy because at first everything is fine until the levels tank;."Well that's the wrong to do'. So so true Demi I'm glad you got a handle on it and have worked to get things back on track!

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We see your story on every board.  That's why it deserves repeating. Thanks for the reminder to keep up with our follow up visita and lab work.  This diet is forever and that includes supplements and protein.  Thanks for sharing.  Glad things are looking up. 

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Demi it is good to here that your stats are up.  Though I have a band, vitamins are very important to me and are the one thing that I've been faithful in doing.  Being an older woman I have chosen to cut my hair this year but would never want to lose it.  Happy that yours hair is coming in and your weight is going out.  Take care and keep up the good work.

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