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Pastor di
on 6/27/11 11:01 am - DALLAS, TX
Hey everyone,

I just wanted to come by and say Hi to you who I have not seen or heard from or chatted with in a while.  I pray that all is well and those just beginning this journey is ready and prepared.  

To you who have been here for awhile my continued prayers for your success.  I have been ill since October. I had a revision and I called it the remix it was not a big deal, I wanted the Lapband over the RNY doc could not do it, said my pouch was already small.  But to satisfy me he narrowed my pouch with staples and the opening to the small intestines.  It worked because I get full even faster and eat less.  I had gain almost 100 from steroids in 2009, I lost that, now I am trying to lose the rest.  I am not under 300 yet.  Long time but keeping off 300 is a blessing....I was preparing for the panniculectomy 4/27 surgeon said I had an infection so a few days later I had surgery... mesh was removed from a hernia repair done back in oct with revision.
Well I still was sick.  I new there was a problem because since October I never got back to 100% just kept going, in March had foot surgery and I felt like I did the months of OCt to Dec.  I knew something was not making since.  Well May did not fix things all the way....I was still sick took antibiotics for 3 weeks and still was in pain and still felt like something in me wanted out....those were the words I explain to the surgeon since Nov.  Well when I went in 3 weeks ago and pulled down my pants...he said Surgery monday pus pocket....well long story short that was a thursday that following monday I had surgery woke up happy and knew I was better. Had a hole at least 8 inches deep about  1 inch round and it had to be packed.  Well it took about 8 to 9 days to close up and I am doing well.  It was not more infection or pus pocket, abcess, it was dead fatty tissue. When he removed the mess the fatty tissue around it freaked out and decided to die.
I am well and back on the mend, trying to lose as much as I can for my upcoming panniculectomy calling surgeon to see if she will up my date.  
I just want to tell you if you feel weird have it checked out.  If it was not for what I learned in my microbiology class I would still be walking around thinking I would be okay.   Dont do that...Get yourself checked out....Flu like symptons don't always mean a flu or cold.. it can be something deadly or detrimental to your health...

love you guys......get healthy ....stay healthy!!!!


on 6/27/11 2:27 pm
Sorry u've been ill.  Glad all is better now.  Thanks for giving us your update.  Take care,

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MSW will not settle
on 6/27/11 2:40 pm

So sorry you continue to have issues.  Praying you are soon healed.  Blessings. 

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on 6/27/11 11:21 pm - Philadelphia, PA
 Hey Pastor Di... Glad your feeling better.
on 6/28/11 3:45 am - Pensacola, FL
Happy to hear you are doing better.

Do not dwell on those things you've not, but gives thanks for the things you've got.
Lia D
on 6/28/11 5:40 am - Waldorf, MD
Hi Pastor Di!

Glad you are feeling better and back to being a loser.  Looking forward to seeing your under 200 pictures.  Keep up the good work.  Take care!

Lia d
on 6/28/11 9:26 am
Hello Pastor Di! 
I'm so glad that you are feeling better.  You are so right we must always pay attention to our bodies.  Peace & Blessings to you

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